01 February 2012

Buckyballs and A Recap of January

When I was surfing for a tutorial for origami the other day, I hadn't a clue why this cool ball was called a buckyball. I just knew it was cool and I was going to make one if it killed me! 
It didn't kill me and I now know why it is called a buckyball.

That's a mouthful!
Wikipedia tells us that it is a fullerene molecule. Here's the link, they explain it a whole lot better than I ever could!
The cool thing about a buckyball, other than the fact you can make your own from nothing more than paper and a bit of quick drying glue, is its applications. 
Be sure to read that part! It's at the bottom of the entry in wikipedia. Not only is it a good molecule for a good many reasons, it's also a very pretty one when in model form!
I spent hours folding these orchard paper triangles into C60 units. Hours! Like, 5 hours. I should have never glued them together till all the units were made and accounted for! 
I put all my units into hexagons. They aren't all supposed to be hexagons. There should be a few pentagons in there as well. So it didn't end up being a ball like I was planning on when I showed you all sneak peek the other day. This is what the failed buckyball looks like. It's rather cool, but not near as cool as the ball itself! 
The ball took me about 7 hours from start to finish to fold and put together 60 units. Cutting the triangles for the units is a lot more time consuming than, say, cutting squares for the paper flower balls. The units themselves are pretty easy to fold and don't take more than two minutes each to fold, once you get the hang of it. The putting it together took a bit of time as well beings it was only my second attempt and on the first attempt I neglected to pay attention to how the darn thing even went together! That'll teach me!
I told you all in the last post I was winging it!
I took the orange, white and pink ball to my friend for his birthday yesterday.
He loved it!
 Least I hope that was love in his smile and not him thinking, "Gee, Donna's lost her mind again!"
The ball is constructed from cheap writing paper.
If you would like to make your own buckyball here are the tutorials that taught me how to make it:

Before the clock struck midnight I had folded a crane and a heart bookmark out of magazine paper as well.
I'll show you a picture of them in the next post as I've not taken their picture at this writing.

And with those last two completed projects we are through January.
Here, a list of all completed projects and the mediums they're done in.
Those with one of these * means it will eventually be incorporated into another finished project. 
1. Altered Key- red beads, pvc pipe, horseshoe charm
2. Altered Key-tones of black and white and silver
*3. Polymer Clay Clown Head
4. Ornament-Green velvet Heart w/chain danglies-beading, wire work and sewing
85. Envelope Book #1 Page (EB1P)- Orange Cat Mixed Media (MM)
*6. EB1P- red tissue paper mandala-collage and drawing in markers
*7. EB1P-fish #1 collage, MM
*8. EB1P-shades of pink solid mandala-drawing in markers
*9.EB1P-hooked fish-collage, MM
*10. EB1P-Betty White as Marie Anionette-collage, MM
*11. EB1P-heart with fabric rose-MM
*12. EB1P-words collage in shades of pink-collage
*13. EB1P-pinks in line mandala-drawing in markers
*14. EB1P-pink owl-MM
*15. Paper Mache- Marker Organizer Box
*16. Wire Work- wrapped gravel rock pendant
17. Ornament-Green velvet haired Goddess
18. Ornament-green velvet hairless Goddess
19. Mug Rug-Black with orange hearts
20. Mug Rug-Orange with blue circles
21. Mug Rug-orange with orange stars
22. Mug Rug-pink with multicolored hearts
23. Mug Rug-orange with purple star
24. Junk Magnet-Little Feet
25. ATC- On The Savannah-drawing with markers
26. ATC-Firestone Flamingo-drawing with markers
27. ATC-Pliocene Pussy Cat-drawing with markers
28. Junk Magnet-gold foil rose and blue fabric flower
29. Junk Magnet-blue milk jug top smiley face
*30. Experiment-green paper rose
31. Junk Magnets-sweater flowers-yellow cotton sweater with fingernail polish (13 of them)
*32. Chunky Page Front- black cat with pumpkin-collage, MM, drawing with markers
33. Ornament-Red Foil Paper Flower (kusudama)-origami
34. Junk Magnet-Plaid fabric rose #1
35. Junk Magnets-sweater flowers-black and white wool blend sweater fabric (7 of them)
36. Junk Magnet-sweater seam flower-black and white wool blend sweater fabric
37. Junk Magnet-Purple Origami Tulip on bottle cap with semi precious stones
38. Junk Magnet-Pink flower and clock button
39. Junk Magnet-altered key-pearls, rhinestones, white donut bead, wire work
40. Pastel Monster-sewing
41. Junk Magnet- Plaid fabric rose #2
42. Origami-failed orchard paper buckyball
43. Origami- Orange, Pink and White Buckyball
44. Origami-crane-magazine paper
45. Origami-heart bookmark-magazine paper
In addition to the projects completed, I have a few other projects in the works:
Mr. Kitty Paper Mache
Snake Cane
Pink Tree Canvas
Fish Picture Canvas
Valentine's Day Project
Paper Mache Mushroom
there are two million other projects swimming around in my head!
I should never have to say, "I am bored!"
I will leave you with a picture of 
Miss Lola
looking quite lovely!
I'm not sure what she was looking at, but it made for a darn good picture!
Be good to one another,
smile cause you can,
laugh cause you should,
love your neighbor as yourself!
Peace, friends!

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