12 February 2012

I'm Still at IT; Whatever You Want To Call IT

Hello Readers!
It's been a good start to the weekend!

The computer went nuts very early on Thursday night. It wouldn't let me do anything on it! I thought it had died and I would never get to do anything on this particular machine again. 
Thankfully, I was mistaken.
I gave my cousin, Jon, two tufted paper balls and a polish star for fixing it. I've no clue what the hell was wrong with it. Jon cleaned out the tower...it was a bit dusty in there...he did some updates and some other stuff. I really don't know what the hell its problem was! I hate to admit it, but this machine outfoxed me! Probably won't be the last time. 
Once the computer was back on good terms with me, I stayed up for another six hours or so to get my fix of online time! I have not been to facebook since I got back online though. That means I've played nary a game of mindless whatever! 

I was awake for going on 32 hours as of midnightish on the 10th, slept the 11th mostly away! It's now the 12th, 6:14a.m. and I've been awake, doing art, since about 7p.m. on the 11th. 
The dog woke me a few times when I was sleeping the daylight hours away. The cat attacked my foot as I got up to let that dog in one of those times. They were somewhat of a blur if truth be known. It's a good thing no one moved any of the kitchen furniture! It's not too many steps through the kitchen to the backdoor and back to my bed. I navigated famously with my eyes half open! I was whooped! 

The headache that's been in residence for three days now did not stop me from doing art once I had my fill of sleep.The headache was the reason for the 30some hour awake episode and then again responsible for the dead sleep for somewhere around 14 hours. Fibromyalgia has no rhyme nor reason! I hurt from head to toe as well, with the greatest pains in my right leg, left elbow and lower back. The headache is just there.
And that old bitch Aunt Flow showed her ugly hide after not coming round for four bleeping months! I can blame her for the headache! 
Nothing stopped me from sitting at the desk once I was awake and drawing though. Had to go get my reading glasses as I'm blind as a bat today! 
Have the music up, a cup of tea in front of me and this is what has happened in the last 12 hours:
There's an ATART going on over at AFA. A VALATART is what I've called it. I think it's called something slightly different on the forums...anyway I've joined the others in the trading frenzy that is an athon, regardless of it's reason for going. This one happens to be a Valentine's AThon. 
And I've given them things to trade for!
African Lady
markers on cardstock

Yellow Pear with Pink
markers on cardstock

markers on cardstock

Seagull really surprised me! I was drawing one of these other ATCs and the song "Seagull" by Bad Company came on the media player. I love that song. Here's the link to a video on youtube. 

Seagull surprised me cause I don't generally do too well with pictures done in marker in shades of grays. I finished whichever one I was working on... think it was Gang Mugshot and I still had a vision of a seagull in my head. I did a google search for seagull and voila there's a mighty fine seagull!
I'm not saying he's perfect by any means, but
I'm quite proud of him!

Salad Makin's 
markers on cardstock

I should have tested that fat black marker before putting it to my drawing! Wasn't the one I thought it was! OOPs! Looks OK, not quite the effect I was going for, but it works. Ain't for me to question things though! That's you all's job to say whether it's any good or not!
I wish I had bought an avocado when I went to town on Friday!

Pink Plum Blossoms
markers on cardstock

I rather like this one as well.

Pink For Daytime
markers on cardstock

Gang Mugshot
markers on cardstock

Valatart Zen #1
black markers on orchard paper adhered to cardstock

Just some random silliness that came straight from my muse.

Scarlet Macaw
markers on cardstock
This was the first drawing I did upon waking. It was finished within an hour of getting up, getting going and getting coffee in me!

Grey Tabby Cat
markers on cardstock

Things took a turn to the bad when I did this one. There are winners and there are losers in all games!
Even the art games! Doesn't stop me from trying for success though! 
Practice, practice, practice!
And if someone falls in love with a practice piece all the better!
No one has fallen for this one at this time! lol
Maybe eventually....

Green Dragonfly
markers on cardstock
I got more than a few reps about this card. Lots of folks fell in love with this practice piece!
(Technically, they are ALL practice pieces.)
He's in the top three of my favorites for this drawing session!

Most of what remains in this post happened while the computer was out of its mind! 

A terrible picture of Billy and the cat toy I made for the felines sometime last week. It's made from red felt from a santa hat, some thick pink yarn and 2 metal jingle bells. I sewed it all together with crochet cotton and stuffed it with fiberfil. I forgot to add catnip before I closed it up. Lola doesn't seem to mind there is not catnip. She's given this thing hell every single day it's been hanging off the back of the wooden rocking chair! Billy's given it a swat or two as well, but he's not near as enamored of it as Lola is. 

I spent about an hour, maybe two folding these units for a sonobo bucky ball. And like the first bucky ball, this one is a failure. It's much worse than the first failed bucky ball cause I've no clue what the heck to do with the thing. It doesn't lay flat by any stretch of the imagination and I can't take it apart cause I taped it together as I was putting it together. And like the first bucky ball, I put this one together wrong. I'm thinking it's headed for the circular file!

All was NOT LOST on the sonobo ball adventure though!
Lookie there! A little sonobo ball! Not too hard to muck up 6 units! I need to put a string on it and add it to the rest of the ornaments!

Junk Magnet
Going to the Prom
made from 2 computer capacitors, they may be transmitters-I'm not certain which is which- there are also 2 silver sequins, 2 copper wire coils, and copper wire holding her plastic mesh to her body. the tuft of plastic mesh is one end of the bag crimped with a copper piece. It's all glued together ready for a magnet to be glued to her backside.

While the computer was being contrary I sewed some monsters.

Dragonfly Monster
Yellow cotton sweater with bugs embroideried on it. This guy has another dragonfly on his backside. His horns are made from an orange polyester shirt. His eyes are acrylic felt. He's stuffed with fiberfil, about 10 inches tall.

These next two monsters I offered for trade in the VAT over at AFA.
Santa Hat Monster is going to live in Washington!
He's made from a fuzzy Santa hat I found at the Dollar Store for 10 cents. He's stuffed with fiberfil and his horns and eyes are acrylic felt. He's about 9 inches tall.
I'm going to stuff him in a tyvek envelope and wish bon voyage, praying the whole while he doesn't become stranded in the lost mail bin. He should be quite safe in the tyvek....ain't much can hurt him wrapped in tyvek. We'll see how he travels!  He's expected.

Scottish Wool Monster
He's made from a Scottish Wool sweater, handknit in Scotland, gifted to me by my sister Jeanny who stole the buttons off the sweater. She overlooked a dozen buttons though! I found 6 at the end of each sleeve. She took, I think, 6 nice black and silver metal buttons off the front of it. I like this guy's stripedness. His hair is thick yarn, eyes are acrylic felt, as is the heart on his chest. His horns are cashmere, another sweater from sister Jeanny. He's about 10 inches tall. 
I'm hoping his adoption goes through.

And while I was sewing monsters I whipped out a couple of  Mug Rugs from the pile of Mug Rugs waiting to be sewn. I always type rug mug first before it dawns on me, that is backwards! They are Mug Rugs!
I'm not nuts about this one, but it's quite functional. 
You can toss these beauties in the laundry with no harm.

This one is sitting on my desk at the moment with my tea cup sitting on it! 
The reasons I'm keeping it are a few:
it is about 3/4 of an inch bigger than any other mug rug I've made
it doesn't lay quite flat around the edges
I needed a new coaster on my desk and
I did not want to make a new one out of paper when I had this perfectly good yellow one!
It's reversible too! Purple, like the star, on the backside. 
It curls up because both of these sweater fabrics are stretchy and they didn't like being bound up together with that purple crewel embroidery yarn. 

And that appears to be the end of this update!
I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!
I'm a happy camper!
Be good to one another!!!!!!!

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