09 March 2012

Friday! At last!

Hello Readers!
I say Friday! At last!, cause some of you live for Friday. I don't. One day is the same as any other day unless I have to make an appointment or some such. All's good though! I do hope you have big plans for your weekend! 
I don't. All's good though!

It's been a few days since I posted. There isn't a great deal to show for those days but I did accomplish this and that! I wasn't feeling well for a couple of days. Slept those days away...19 hours one day, 18 the day before. I appear to have survived the ordeal though so, as I've already said, twice....All's good!

The Flamingo is progressing.
I've got his beak glued together, waiting to be carved into the shape it should be.
It's a couple hunks of 1.5 inch styrofoam packaging material. I'll drag out the heated knife and get to carving on it in the next few days. It's not quite time for the beak just yet.

The flamingo has one coat of paper on him save his head. I'm really not happy with his neck at all but I think I can work with it once I get him covered with paper mache strips. 
I cut his legs off. They were in the way. I need to figure out how he's going to stand. The paper stick legs I cut off of him are not going to do. Not going to do at all! So it's back to the drawing board with his legs. That's not a set back though. It's nowhere time to worry about his legs. 
Progress is happening.

I told you some about this next thing in the last post.

A failed experiment. Fodder for the stove! 
I was attempting to make a paper basket our of those sticks made from magazine pages and some folded newspaper. It did not work out at all as I had envisioned! 
I am not giving up on making a basket from those sticks though. I have hundreds of those sticks and I have got to do something with them! I think maybe if I dampened the sticks, they would behave more like reeds and bend where I need them to bend. Newspaper is a lovely weaving medium. It behaves quite nicely on its own. It's the stick that are the failure here. 
So, this is still on my list of things to do.

Remember these snowman hats? I made them back in November, I believe.
When I put them together I forgot to punch a hole in the top of the first four before I put the lid on top of the hat. I proceeded nonetheless, thinking I would turn them into hats for something or another. 
I decided to do this to them instead.
I yanked off the flower and the hatband and painted them green.
The chain on the tops says LUCK OF THE IRISH. I took the shamrocks from the necklaces the saying comes from and glued it to the gold braid I used as a hatband.
I have to thank Ma for the gold braid. She brought it to me. It had a 25cent price tag on it....probably from the thrift store. Was an excellent find! So, Thanks Ma!
I hot glued the letter strand to the top of the hat as I did with the hatband and the shamrock. 
Does anyone need a Leprachaun Hat?

I folded, glued and assembled two more Polish Stars.
There's a yellow one in the works. You'll get to see it next time. Maybe it will have a mate? 

Learning the Dragonfly Knot.
I had seen these knotted dragonflies before. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, I have an ATC in my collection that has a knotted dragonfly on it. I've wanted to learn how to do this for some time now. I ran across a tutorial for it! 
They're very easy to make. A bit frustrating when you first start, but overall quite easy once you get your fingers to obey where the strings should end up. We've all done macrame! That's all this is. I made the large green jute dragonfly first. It's actually the best of the lot of them if you ask me! The bigger the string, the easier it is to do. The brown one has only two wings instead of four cause I didn't cut the string long enough to begin with. The bright green one for the same reason. The white one was a bit of a bear to tie but it turned out very nice! I used my tweezers to help in the tying of the white one. I used 3/8inch satin ribbon to tie the coral colored one. I screwed up that lower pair of wings...one was way shorter than the other...so I cut them to be the same length. This one isn't all that great. I'll give this ribbon another try and see what happens.

You can see the white one isn't very big. About an inch and a quarter. It is tied with crochet cotton. The bright green one is tied with plastic lanyard. It's very stretchy, not so good for tying knots.That one appears to have been squished...much like a dragonfly caught in the grill of a vehicle! I don't think I'll be attempting more knotted dragonflies from the lanyard. The brown one is made from macrame cord. I've also knotted two more dragonflies that aren't shown. One from the pink fuzzy yarn I use for monster hair and the other from some thin nylon cord. I'll show those to you next time. And probably more dragonflies as well. 

Keep creating! 
Be good to one another!
It matters!!! It does indeed matter!!!
Peace, Friends!

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