23 March 2012

A Little of This and A Little of That

Hello Readers!

I finally got some new batteries for the camera! 

I did some wirework the other day and I can show you all the four polish stars I made over the weekend.

Wire work Cupcake Charm
This one is made with silver jewelry wire and seed beads mostly. The red bead on top is not a seed bead but a glass bead. It's a tiny little thing, hence the terrible picture! Only about 3/4 of an inch tall.. It wasn't much fun to make either as I screwed up the pattern early on and being the stubborn bull I am, I just keep going and kinda fixed it as I went along....I might make another of these just to see if I can do it like the tutorial says the next time!

Another dragonfly.
Silver craft wire and glass seed beads. He's a little over 2 inches long.

Nest and Egg charm.
Silver craft wire and a faux pearl bead. I'm giving this to my Mom for Easter. It's about an inch across. This one took forever to make! All that coiling of the wire shouldn't have taken as long as it did. I just winged this one! No tutorial.

And the polish stars I made over the weekend.
The top two are a lot smaller than the bottom two. All are made from magazine pages. 
The little ones are the hardest to make. Folding and gluing the cones is a bear when they're that small. They are cute as they can be though. I'll be hanging a little one from my rear view mirror in the van.

And to end the post, Miss Lola (with her wild eye). 
I tried to get a picture of Fred dog this morning but he was having none of that! Every time I pointed the camera at him, he would turn his head. He hates the flash! I didn't have the flash on though and he still wouldn't look at the camera! Silly dog!

I have a few things in the works still:
The flamingo is not talking to me right now so there is no progress to report on it. I really need to get busy with it cause my sister's birthday is the 16th of April and I'd like to give him to her then. I lay awake in bed the other night thinking about that danged flamingo and his legs. I think I have his legs figured out but will have to get busy with him to see if that idea is even feasible.

I gave Mr. Kitty to my other sister. She LOVED him!

I have a very small monster in the works. He's about half sewn.

There are a couple of junk magnets half done on the coffee table in the livingroom.

And of course there are more polish stars in the works. 

My drawing muse is faunchin' at the bit to get something done as well. I may give her her due this afternoon and let her draw to her heart's content if she wants to! Guess you all will see if that happens in the next post!

Be good to one another!
It matters!


Tuffycat said...

Happy Springtime to you! I see you have been busy. I love the wire nest with egg, how cute! And the dragonflies are awesome! What's the problem with your flamingo? I don't seem to recall hearing about it. Is it like your kitty cat, made the same? I'm glad your sister likes it, you put lots of love in that. Hope the sun's shining on ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just wanted to say the wire work is stunning, and also saying hello.

Your blog pal,