06 March 2012

Stars, Monsters, Skeletons and Plastic Jug Transformed

Good Morning Readers!
I'm not feeling well again today. Yesterday was a rough day pain-wise. I didn't accomplish anything arty at all! I used up all my energy going to Pburg with Ma and then to the grocery store to stock the bare cupboards! Perhaps a bit of art will materialize today?
I really need to work on the flamingo! Which I haven't touched since the last time you all saw him some days ago. 

I did finish the eggshell mosaic stars though. 
I should have laid these out on a sheet of white paper instead of the messy newspaper on the kitchen table.
Ma picked one out of this bunch and wanted me to put a magnet on the back of it so she could hang it on her fridge with the other million fridge magnets she has. This was couple days ago. Only half the stars had color then. I put a magnet on it and she forgot to take it with her when she went home. I put it on my fridge so the next time she comes along she can take it home with her. I pulled it off the fridge to put it with the rest of them to take the picture and when I pulled the star off the fridge, the dang magnet stayed on the fridge! I have to find a different glue to hold those magnets on! I must!!!!
I'm pleased with the eggshell mosiac stars but I've not a clue what the heck to do with them!
Guess I'll figure that out eventually. I really think a few of them will end up as embellishments for little book covers. I learned a new binding stitch and will have to test it out on a little book soon. Perhaps that book will have stars on it!

The paper sticks in the picture with the eggshell mosaic stars will make an appearance in the next post. I did an experiment with them the other night that went horribly wrong. You don't get to see a picture of that experiment I'm afraid. I really shouldn't say it went 'horribly wrong' cause I did learn a thing or two about working with the sticks in that particular manner.

I just had a great thought!....that chipboard twine I showed you all awhile back....that might end up in a project with the paper sticks....stayed tuned! We'll see what happens!

The pink and gray felt stars are finished!
I should have put rings on all five of them but I didn't. The other three have magnets sewn inside.

On a surfing expedition through cyberspace the other day, I came across a container made from a 20oz. plastic bottle.
I ran with it.....

This is a gallon sized zippered container.
I thought sewing that zipper onto the plastic container was going to be a bear of a project but I was pleasantly surprised with how easily that was accomplished! A few things I learned about making this thing:
1. Don't bother painting the container cause paint sticks to the plastic but it also scratches off quite easily. Painting it was a waste of time!
2. Bigger is not always better! This container is of a good size, but the sides are not very sturdy which makes working the zipper a bit of a pain.
3. Measure before you trim the zipper so you aren't left with a gap after sewing.
4. Don't bother to pre-punch sewing holes. It is a wasted step when the needle will go through the plastic with little trouble.

This container will be filled with odds and ends of some sort! 
This experiment was by no means a failure! I'll be making some littler versions of this once I can locate some zippers to use in the construction. 
The zipper I used in the container came from a chenille house coat. 

The material from the house coat makes nice fuzzy monsters! 
I have another monster cut out and ready to sew that will look pretty much just like this one! 
This one is about 8-9 inches tall. His horns and eyes are felt.

Skelly is still not complete, though he is put together. 
As you can see, the second skeleton and the arm bones for the first skeleton all burned in the oven. I think I had the heat too high. I had the timer set, but still they cooked too long. Back to the drawing board or time to paint some skelly bones. One or the other. 

I wanted to show you all what the skeleton looks like put together (minus his arms). 

Yep, them there bones are charred! (Most of 'em anyway!)
Will do another skelly and see if I can get it right the next time!

I added a bit of artwork to my altered book the other day also. I was going to take pictures, but spaced it out so next post you'll see some of that. One of these days I will call that altered book, done! Still a ways from that happening though considering there are still quite a few blank pages in it!

I'm working on another Polish Star. Haven't watched any television programming lately so haven't worked on getting that orange star done for a few days. 
The flamingo needs some progress made.
The leprachaun hats are still unfinished. Though I did find what I needed to finish them yesterday so they are on my radar for art today. 

I'll be back in a few days time to show you all something else I've created.
Hopefully the old body will settle down and cooperate so I can create something or another!
Be good to one another!
It matters!
Peace, friends!

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