15 March 2012

Home With Things to Show

Hello Readers!
I haven't downloaded the camera card to the pc yet so there are no pictures from my road trip. Maybe next time. 
I only made a couple of dragonflies on the trip. Only one is pictured cause I gave the one I made in the car to my sister and didn't take a picture of it. The other one is pictured below.
I brought home some skulls to add to my collection. I need to find out what kind of they are. One, I think is a cat. My sister gave them to me along with a bunch of other arty farty things.

There's a St. Patrick's Weekend All Types of Art Athon going on over at ATCsforall. The link's up there on the side bar if you'd like to go see what fun we're having over there! The athon runs through Sunday, I do believe.

I've made dragonflies.
all are made with copper wire and glass beads. The middle one was a successful experiment. Wasn't sure if that idea was going to pan out or not. Looks pretty good to me.
Dragonfly charms.

Green and purple seem to be my color choices today.
The theme of the athon is green so there is a lot of green going on in this post.
This is a chunky page sans its danglies but showing the charm that will be among the danglies once I get it attached with green yarn. This one is markers on orchard paper adhered to thick mat paper. 
I got the paper at the etc. shop when I was on my road trip. It reminds me of a paper coaster like you'd find at the bar but it has no printing on it and it came in a sheet about 12 inches square. I cut it down to 4x4s. Well one sheet of it. 
I think there are probably about 8 of them in that stack. there is also what appears to be handmade paper in that stack of 12 inch square papers. I spent 58 cents at the etc shop. Everything was 75% off the day I was there. The paper was originally only 25 cents so either way it was a steal!

The backside is not decorated at all really. There's a hand written quote that says:
I wonder in what fields today
he chases dragonflies in play...
my little boy, who ran away.

Green Indian Elephant 
markers on cardstock
My muse got busy with green elephants, as you're about to see.

Green Zentangle Elephant Chunky
markers on orchard paper adhered to thick mat paper
I haven't decided what I'm going to do about danglies with this one. I think it will get some green string and green beads as well.

Mail Inspection
markers on cardstock
I did this one Tuesday and am just now getting around to scanning it.

Early this morning, with my first cup of coffee I drew this chunky page.
Shamrock Coffee Chunky
markers on thick mat paper
the dangly charm is the polymer clay coffee cup I did a while back

Pink Beetle Coffee Chunky
Needed some toast with my second cup of coffee this morning. 
The beetle is glass beads and silver craft wire

this is the first dragonfly of the day
glass seed beads and copper wire salvaged from a dead appliance motor

yellow green elephant bookmark
markers on cardstock
there are two layers of cardstock glued together with this quote handwritten on the back:
When there's an elephant in the room introduce him.
Randy Pausch

I'm sure before the sun sets tomorrow I'll have been back with 
more creativity to share.

Right now though, I'm gonna climb between the sheets cause I am whooped!
The trip to the zoo the day before yesterday 'bout did me in! I had a great time though!
Well worth the aches and pains of today so I'll not complain too loudly about the aches.
I got an invite for another road trip this afternoon. I had to decline that one though...shame, it would have done this old body wonders!

Be good to one another!
It matters!
Peace, Friends!

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