03 March 2012

Stars, Hats, A Bit of Junk and A Skeleton Out of the Oven

Hello Readers!
I did a bit with those eggshells I was talking about in the last post.
Stars have materialized.
Chipboard cereal box painted black. Eggshells broken into tiny pieces, glued to the stars with Elmer's Glue.
My sister gave me that large pair of tweezers laying on the table. She actually gave me THREE pairs of those wonderful jewelers tweezers! Thanks, Jeanny!
Couldn't have done the eggshell mosaics without tweezers! 
nor my reading glasses! I'm blind as a bat some days!
Half of the stars in the lower picture here are painted with Dr. Ph Martin's Ink, the other 5 still waiting on glue to dry.
You'll see all the stars done tomorrow. They are actually done right now but I didn't get a picture of them before I downloaded the smart card so you'll have to wait!
I'm uncertain where these stars are headed.
I just don't know at this time. Magnets maybe? Pendants/charms/ornies? 
I just don't know.
Maybe some of them will end up on the cover a little book.
I need to make more little books.

Snowman hats got transformed into Leparchaun Hats.
When I made the snowman hats I forgot to punch holes in four of the tops before I assembled the hats so they were useless as ornaments. I tore off the fabric flowers and tried to remove the ribbon hatband as well. That ribbon held fast on most of them so I just painted over it!

Here they have only one coat of green. They now have three coats of green...all four of them! Next is a gold braided ribbon for a hatband. Then I need to locate those shamrocks I KNOW I HAVE somewhere.
Both stars and hats are works in progress.

I seem to have an over abundance of works in progress....

Junk Magnets made an appearance.
This one is a little foil paper origami heart inside a broken watch case. It's rather heavy. I glued a gold plastic coin to the backside to keep the heart in. I know that when I go to glue a magnet on the backside, the E6000 will not play nicely with the plastic and that magnet will fall off. 
I need to get a tube of super glue to adhere those magnets to plastic things. The E6000 did not play nicely with the green computer junk magnet I made last week either. It's made of aluminum. 
Is it possible to have gotten a bad batch of E6000? I don't ever recall it not playing nicely with plastic before this tube I'm currently using. 

At any rate, I did make a couple magnets.

Amy's Junk Magnet
so named cause it now belongs to Amy! 
This one is made from 2 computer parts, plastic netting, copper wire, a bit of colorful plastic, a snippet of red ribbon, 2 poke plant seeds and a gold plastic heart charm. She's a tiny little thing...only about 2 inches tall.

And while we're doing tiny.....

I  busted out the polymer clay on Thursday.
I made this tiny coffee mug charm along with a couple other things you'll see in a bit. 

I drew the birds with markers.
This is slated to be a charm on a coffee themed chunky page in the near future.

More Stars!
Another work in progress!
Felt stars. Two of them have magnets inside of them, the other a copper jump ring.
I intend to embellish these further with dimensional paint or seed beads. 
I'll have to find a small enough needle if I decide on seed beads and hope to heck I can see worth a darn that day.  I think the two remaining to be sewed will end up with a jump ring. The magnets don't stick real well cause I used magnet pieces in them and there's just too much thickness for those little chunks of magnet to stick through! They stick, but don't try to hold something up with them! That is not happening!!!

My workspace...
is a mess!
I haven't done a thing with the flamingo since the last time I posted. He's on the list with the rest of the works in progress. As is the purple cane leaning up in the corner in that picture. Gonna have to do something with that cane pretty soon. Purple wasn't the right thing to do with it...painting it purple stopped my muse right in her tracks on that one!

As I said, I dragged the polymer clay out....

I don't know about this skeleton. He was pretty easy to make and he turned out alright. Despite the fact he's scattered all over that bright blue mushroom box in this picture, he did go together quite easily when I rewatched the video tutorial. I got him all put together with the exception of his arms. I only made beads for his legs....there should be 8 of those long tubes in that box.
I don't have a picture of him half done, sorry.
I made another batch of skeleton pieces because to continue with this one, I needed some arm bones. If I'm going to have to make four of them, might as well just make a whole herd of them at once, yes?
That would have worked out fine but it has just dawned on me that I needed, not two more arm bones, but four of them....I only 10 more tube beads....I should have made 12.
Not to worry though....
that new batch of skelly parts...it stayed in the oven way too long! 
Those bones do not match these nice white bones here. So another polyclay session is slated for later today and we'll see if I can get this right. Perhaps I shouldn't be thinking about skeletons in March?
I'll soldier on....this little skelly is quite cute!

Here's the tutorial if you'd like to make one as well.

I don't work with the polymer clay at the kitchen table workstation. 
I do it at my desk where the computer sits so I can watch the video tutorials to learn how to do most of this stuff! I wish my brain had as broad a scope as those who are designers....I just follow someone else's ideas to come to the end product. Some of it comes straight out of my head...and usually those are pretty good ideas...but the majority of it isn't my original ideas.

Until next time:
Be good to one another!
It matters!
Peace, Friends!

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