02 October 2012

a boatload of mug rugs, some sheep, a moo and new critters

Hello Readers!
Been a few weeks since I made a post. I've been away from home and no way to post anything when I'm not in front of my own computer. If there is a way to accomplish that, I've not figured it out!

Here we go with the pretties:

markers on cardstock

On of the Flock
markers on cardstock

Pink Elephants
Moo Card
markers on cardstock

only one little lonely moo for September's offerings...

I cannot say that for mug rugs though!

Black Elephant
Mug Rug

Blue Star
mug rug

mug rug

This thing really looked like a duck with horns before I sewed the giraffe's ear on!

Goblin Girl
mug rug

green butterfly #1
mug rug
orange chick
mug rug

orange owl
mug rug

purple fish
mug rug

purple heart on burlap
mug rug

purple owl
mug rug

red butterfly
mug rug

skelly with blue flower
mug rug

skelly with two flowers
mug rug

yellow elephant
mug rug

his tusk is actually gray, not yellow like it appears on my monitor.

I made a few little books:

plain white cardstock
ATC size--2.5x3.5 inches

purple and red dots
1.75x2.5 inches
copy paper pages numbering 12
same as the previous purple and red book

same as the purple and red books

purple monster with red heart

same as the previous little books

same as the previous little books
all artwork on covers is done in marker on cardstock. artwork wraps all the way around to the back cover

I kept calling this thing the thumbilina monster but to quite honest, sometimes I don't know what the hell I'm talking about! This is the Tinkerbell monster. That isn't Thumbilina on the fabric...it is Tinkerbell!

Green fleece cat.

PUrple fleece cat. I gave this one to my niece for her birthday. She named the cat Amethyst.

blue velvet cat
I gave this one to my grand daughter to play with.

green butterfly #2
mug rug

green butterfly mug rugs are made from remnants of the Tinkerbell fleece.

I'll be back later today with a post that has no art in it!
I have people and places to show off!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I've been doing!
Be good to one another!


soulbrush said...

Love the word 'mug rug'...ha ha is that your word or a usual word. Here we call them 'coasters'- so boooring. I love all your goats on the afa site, maybe time for a goat swap ??? Hope you fine and not getting too chilly friend. xx

Donna said...

I can't take credit for the word 'mug rug'. It's a good one! I came across it on one of my many surfing expeditions on the web.
Here they are called coasters as well. The one's called mug rugs are all made of cloth as far as I can tell. I thought 'mug rug' was much cooler than a plain old boring coaster, too!

I would totally join a goat swap! Yes, Ma'am!
Be Well, Joss!