10 October 2012

Fishes, Green Paintings and Some Envies

Hi Readers!
As promised:

All the fishes are made from UPS Envelopes, book page paper and markers. All are 8.5 inches long.

Altered Envelope
Plain white envelope drawn on with Markers

Altered ENvelope
Beetle is drawn and on book page paper. Colored with markers. I cut it out with the craft knife and glued it to a plain white envelope. I then painted the entire thing with bronze colored glitter glue to seal the beetle.

Altered Envelope
plain white envelope painted with acrylics. Cat is painted on book page paper, cut out and adhered to envelope

Altered Envie
Plain white envelope with markers.

Plain white envelope with acrylics and markers. I call this one Lady Godiva's Wash Day.

Blue Eyed Pink Guy
3x4 inches 
markers on manila paper

frog on lizard
acrylics on adding machine tape adhered to cardstock

Green Eyed Creature
3x4 inches
acrylics on manila paper

Green Headed Monster
3x4 inches
acrylics and marker on manila paper

acrylics on adding machine tape adhered to cardstock

mountain scene
3x4 inches
acrylics on manila paper

and some pretty sunflowers growing by the privacy fence.
I took this picture hours before our first heavy frost of the year. The sunflowers do not look this good today!

As always......
Be good to one another!
It matters!
I'll be back again soon with an update on the progress of the cutting room and perhaps some more art...all depends on the muse! If she stays away, there won't be anything to show. If she makes an appearance, there will be!

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