29 October 2012

Progress and Some New Stuff

Hello Readers!
Little Books have dominated the creativeness this week.
Spider Book
2.5x3.5 inches
cardstock, wired ribbon, manila paper, beading thread and some glue. Those spiders are done in flocking...not by me, the ribbon came this way. 

Spider Book
2.5x2 inches
manila paper pages, sewn with orange crochet cotton thread

Bat and Pumpkin Books
1.5x2 inches
manila paper pages...I think one of them actually has copy paper pages...napkin fused to cardstock for the covers, sewn in pamphlet stitch in orange crochet cotton thread

Four Little Black Books
1.5x2 inches 
cashmere sweater material glued to cardstock covers, sewn in pamphlet stitch with orange crochet cotton thread
copy paper pages

Gold Japanese Stab Bound Book
decorative paper glued to chipboard (cereal box), copper tape, orange crochet cotton thread, watercolor paper pages 

Spider Happy Halloween Book
napkin fused to cardstock for the cover, manila paper pages sewn in long stitch with orange crochet cotton thread
4.5x4.5 inches

Sleeping Cat 
4x4 inches
acrylics on cardstock

I'm making progress on the felt ornaments.
Last night was the halloween wing ding out at the state lake. I took the ornaments with me to work on while I was there. That would have worked out wonderfully and they'd probably all be sewn by now had I taken a needle with me to sew with!

Only the one needing a black backing need to be sewed now. When all the backs are sewn on I will decide what the hanger will be made from.

I'm thinking perhaps 1/8th inch ribbon, but that's really still up in the air. I might figure out something else that would work better. Just haven't gotten that far in this project yet.

The one that looked like a fried egg the other day now has beads sewn on it. I said I was going to do french knots and long stitches but, as things sometimes do, that plan changed when I remembered I had found a beading needle out in the burnt house and I have tons of seed beads to use it with! 

I'm leaning towards another set of these puppies with nothing but beading on them. Leave off the shapes and just do a bead soup blob dead center in them. I don't know that that will happen, but that's the plan at this time.

Here they all are together. That one with the beads doesn't really go with the other 11, does it? Not to worry though. I didn't intend for these to be a set anyway. Couple of them are headed to Scotland for the Xmas Ornament Swap that's due next month.

The folded paper stars I kept forgetting to take a picture of!
I still haven't scanned those two altered envelopes either....

Things have changed at the kitchen table since the last post!
I painted the little fish this afternoon. He's painted in acrylics. I then cut him out and he's drying as I type, glued to that red 4x4 that's leaning against the paint bottles on the table with the yellow and red 4x4 and the green and blue one.

The pink and blue fish doesn't look much like that now. He got a wash of red paint, another layer of yellow, some white a thin layer of silver glitter glue on all but his eye. 
I'll take pictures of these finished projects tomorrow.

Fred got to go to the Halloween wing ding out at the lake. He took a nice chilly swim in the lake water. We were all bundled up in heavy jackets out there so I know that water wasn't anywhere near warm! Wasn't no stopping him though when we got out there. Right to the water he went, chest deep in it~!
He fell down the front porch steps this morning and his leg has been bothering him all day. I gave him baby aspirins twice today and all he's done is lay on the sofa or the living room floor and sleep. I know his leg is sore cause when he's up and about, he favors that one back leg. That and he moans and groans while he's asleep. He only went out twice today to do his business. He ate heartily when I filled his bowl earlier in the day and he's been to the water bowl numerous times, so I know he's OK, he's just sore.
I'm thinking he thinks that taking a cold dip in the lake was truly worth the pain he's feeling today. This dog LIVES to go swimming! I was a bit surprised he actually went swimming though considering the temps were so low. 
Silly dog.

He is doing alright though. When I last let him out at his request, I told him to bring Lola Cat home with him. When he barked to be let back in, there she was, rubbing against his front legs as he sat patiently waiting for me to let them in.

I'll be back in a day or two to share anything new made.

Thanks for reading!
Be good to one another!
It matters!

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soulbrush said...

Wonderful books. So what do you do with them all? I would love to rummage through your art room one day. Haha. Hope you are not in Sandy's path at all.