01 January 2009

Happy New Year!

I had typed up a nice long post yesterday and then ran off to my New Year's Party without posting it and all was lost cause I didn't save it either...I do hope that's not how the new year is going to be! Start something and never get to see it to completion? Let's hope not!

My desk is littered with detruis from the year previous. Litter I wish to not repeat in the year ahead. My head is kinda littered with a lot I'd like to leave behind me that won't be near as easy to accomplish as getting rid of the detruis on my desk from the last month or so.

I hope to quit smoking sometime this year. I have plans for doing just that. I am going to make a very serious attempt at this in the coming weeks. I know this can be accomplished! I've done it three times before. Problem is, it has been some years since the last time...

I intend to make at the very least, save the computer crashing, 300 posts in 2009.

I WILL make over 300 pieces of art in 2009. I probably won't show you all all of them though. Not unless I get totally organized in any short time and I truly do not see that happening in 2009.

I intend to write in my daybook at least once a day everyday in 2009. I averaged three times a week in 2008 and there's a lot of stuff that happened in my life that means nothing to anyone but myself that happened in 2008 that I cannot remember anymore.

I intend to talk to my children and grandchildren at least once a week...more would be fantastic!

I intend to be a good friend even when I don't feel like being friendly on days when friendliness is for the good of another more than for yourself. I'm not going to be a public bear.

I intend to read 50 books in 2009. I read 44 of them in 2008.

I intend to clean my house once a week. I've always been a messy housekeeper. I'm putting it on my list though cause I truly need to consciously work on this goal.

There are a ton of changes I want to make in the new year. Many of them I shouldn't have to write down to remind me to do them. I'm not good at keeping resolutions. I do intend to try to accomplish what is on this list. Time will tell.

As I read through my daybook this afternoon, reliving the past year, I discovered 2008 doesn't show any truly remarkable events that affected others in a profound way. I think I need to work on that too.

I brought in the new year in the company of friends. I got my butt kicked at gin rummy by Helena. I won a few games but she was on fire last night with cards! While she and I sat the dining room table her husband, Bob sat in front of their computer in the diningroom playing majong. I told the man he was being unsocialable. He didn't care...:) That's just Bob though. The company hadn't arrived as of yet so Kellen, Bob's son, played regular rummy with Helena and I for awhile. Jerry showed up about 9:30 pm so the boys and I headed to the shed for a smoke and Helena stayed in the house with the kids. That was her choice though. I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with men, so I was a happy camper out in the shed with the boys. We weren't out there long anytime we went out there. Bob didn't turn the heat on out there so it was a tad chilly. The boys decided to play Guitar Hero on PS3 and they abandoned me and Helena in the livingroom to watch TV till midnight rolled around. Helena was tired. She'd been up since 4am and worked 12 hours on Wednesday to boot. She was a trooper though and stayed up to see in the new year with the rest of us. The boys were drinking Captain Morgan and coke or Dr. Pepper depending on who was drinking what. Helena didn't touch any booze. Midnight rolled around and she gave out her hugs and Happy New Years and off to bed she went! I started drinking right after midnight. I had one rum and coke and then the coke ran out and I had to resort to Dr. Pepper and Captain. That isn't a tasty combination by any means! Though it does taste a whole lot better than Cherry Pepsi and Captain Morgan. Trust me on this one! Do not drink Captain Morgan mixed with Cherry Pepsi. It's a waste of good rum cause there's absolutely no way to down it without throwing it back up! It is disgusting. Dr. Pepper is at least drinkable. I got a pretty good buzz watching the boys pretend being rock stars. I designated their groupie. I think I should have been their singer cause Bob wasn't doing too good at that last night. He's usually a good singer. He had too much captain in him to keep in beat with the music. I thought Kellen did pretty good with drums considering the amount of Captain he had in him. I really do enjoy the company of men. They are fascinating and confusing creatures! Women sit around and talk about nothing that interests me. Men sit around and act silly. They tickle my funny bone. And they give glorious hugs! I got a good share of hugs last night to bring in the new year!
Here's hoping 2009 is a year of good deeds, love, respect, peace, laughter and kindness towards all those we know personally and all those we share this world with. Be happy my friends! It is like syrup poured on pancakes...it sticks together and covers the whole. When one is happy and showing it---it can't help but rub off just a little onto someone else.


John said...

I love your new year resolutions, Donna. And you're doing great on the books to read! Finishing 1 books means you had completed 2% of what you intend to achieve (50). And it's only the 3rd day of the year, meaning only 0.8% of 365 days. You are way out in front!

Donna said...

Thank you, John! Though I'm not quite as far ahead of the game as you've deduced...I have yet to finish that book! I think there are around 50 pages still to read. It is a good start on that goal though. I do agree with you there! Thanks for stopping by with a comment! I do appreciate you!