30 March 2009

Monday Morning and Another Week Upon Us

Good Monday Morning!

I've been up since 4 a.m. working on these Chunky pages and that ATC at the bottom of the pictures. I've drank a whole pot of coffee. I've been to Susan's house for a bit. I talked to my sister Jeanny on the telephone for awhile. She called at 6 a.m. on the half chance I would be awake.

These five chunky pages are going to Texas this afternoon. They're supposed to be there tomorrow. I don't see that happening but the swap host said she would wait on them. They should arrive no later than Thursday. These were done for the monochromatic swap. I didn't even scan the backs of them. Nothing fancy there anyway except on the brown cats. There's a large square stone there along with nothing of importance...some sandpaper backing, ect. The fronts matter the most so....

This is steak and cake kitties. Yep the pictures from the magazines I cut these cats from was a steak and a piece of chocolate cake. There's also some wire whiskers, googly eyes, a wooden heart that I burned the design into. That's a chair from a magazine across the bottom of the page. There's a tigerseye stone on the chest of the steak cat and a mystery stone on the chest of the cake cat. That's a brown paper grocery bag on the background and the danglies are novelty yarn, black ribbon and brown hem binding tape.

Here is Red Fish. I really like how red fish turned out! I've made sequin fish before but only on ATCs. This is a chunky page. That little fish charm was made out of sculpey clay and painted with acrylics. Nice page! The backside has a little mirror, wooden flower shape with a red button glued to the center and a red and white maze from a magazine covered with red tissue paper. This one turned out well!

This is Purple Tree. The trunk is cut from a painting out of an art magazine, the leaves are cardstock and metallic foil paper. Danglies are seam binding and hem lace.

Grow Old With Me---I made this one awhile back and I'm not sure that's good etiquette to send it in to a swap or not.. but I sent it. It's a silk leaf with a painted background. The leaf was covered with lime green colored mulberry paper, some shimmery paint and clear glitter. The danglies include cotton seam binding, fleece, hem lace, novelty yarn and a braid of green colored imitation leather cording. It is called Grow Old With Me cause that's the quote that is on the backside of it.

Green Collaged Trees A bunch of different green colored pictures from magazines all glued to recycled chipboard. The danglies include vintage hem lace, rickrack, novelty yarn, silk hem binding and a lampwork bead on a lavendar colored cord. I got the lampwork bead in a message in a bottle awhile back.

Green Leaf Remake. This ATC is a remake of the green leaf chunky page you saw above. I know it doesn't look exactly like the chunky page, but I really don't remember just exactly how I achieved what I achieved with the chunky page so I had to go with the flow and be happy with what turned up. I am happy with the results! I hope the recipient is as well.
This one is attached to a recycled game box. Silk leaf, mulberry paper, shimmey paint, clear glitter all sealed with diamond glaze.
I was going to show you all some inchies this morning too but I only have 8 of them done right now. So you'll get to see a dozen boats maybe tomorrow.
Right now though... I need to get off this machine and do something productive~!
Get yourself some major hugs this week!

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