08 September 2009

I Hate Machines. This One In Particular.

This stupid machine of mine has been messing with my mind! It wouldn't open IE for over a week. I could get online and that was as far as I could go. I gave up before the issue was resolved. It shut itself off in the middle of a game of Collapse over a week ago. That was the last I saw of IE till yesterday when I turned it back on so I could attempt to resolve that issue. I'd had no luck with IE opening everytime I'd tried something before. I thought, ah what the hell? Lets see if IE will open today. And low and behold! It did. I've studied my Control Panel quite extensively since this issue appeared. It's still all Greek to me! I don't know if the issue has been resolved and I'm running on luck here or if the issue is gone and I'm good to go. I'm just going to wing it!
I sometimes think this wretched machine is smarter than I am. At any rate, I am back in the blogging world! (For now.)
I have no pictures to show you.
No artwork to share.
I've worked in my altered book a bit. Two pages started, but not completed. That book has a long way to go before it will be completed. I did two drawings in my 3x3 inch sketchbook the other day. Pen and ink.
I did four inchies at Susan's house just a little while ago. I took her some markers. She and Jerry were coloring away! :) I joined them for a bit. That's about the extent of the art that's been accomplished since the last time I showed you all any art.
I've read five books since the last post. They will be added to the list as soon as I post this.
Where The Heart Is was a great book! I hear tell it's been made into a movie. It would be appropriate for a movie but I bet the book is much better!
Jake and Mimi was an odd book in that it isn't the type of book I would generally read. It was disturbing in some ways and enlightening in others. I do not consider it a waste of time to have read. It was a good book.
The Camel Club was an exciting read! Espionage! Page turner for sure! Excellent read!
Montana Sky was a typical love story set in the outbacks of Montana. Murder and mayhem ensued and I enjoyed the read greatly!
The Broker by John Grisham was another excellent read! I have yet to read a book by Mr. Grisham that I did not enjoy! He is a superb story teller!
The Golden Orange is a murder/thriller/detective story. I think I may have read this one quite some time ago. The story seemed familar to me. I can't believe he burned the boat! Good read!
Forgive The Moon is an unmemorable read. I can't at this moment, remember just what it was about!
A Day Late and A Dollar Short was the best of the books added to the list this time. A story of a family in crisis. I laughed out loud numerous times while reading this fantastic story! I also felt their pain.

Terah had her gall bladder taken out last Tuesday. I spent Wednesday night at the hospital with her and Annabel. RJ had to be in Pburg early on Thursday morning so I was elected to sit in case the baby needed anything. She's such a good baby though! I sat in the uncomfortable recliner and held the little darlin' most of the night. Terah is fine now...well on the mend!

Pug met her demise on the highway Wednesday evening. I had already headed to the hospital by this time. Evelyn witnessed it. A minivan hit the dog. Evelyn said they didn't stop. Pug didn't know what hit her. She died instantly from the looks of her. Ma picked her up from the highway and put her in the wheel barrow. Thursday morning Sam buried her under the clothesline where all the other critters are buried. She was a good little dog. She provided many a smile in her time with us. I knew that highway was going to get her though.

I've been to the lake several times to take the dogs swimming. Pug finally got up enough courage to swim with the big dog--kinda. She could swim though. (I had my doubts about that.) Fred just loves to go swimming. There's a walking bridge out at the state lake that is above a cove in the lake. Fred was swimming under the bridge and Pug was on the bridge with Sam and me. She followed us across the bridge and then couldn't remember how she got to the other end. It was like she didn't even realize we were on the bridge. She climbed down the steep hill to the water's edge and walked right in. She seldom got more than her feet wet before. Now she's in water over her head, paddling through the fallen trees in the water. She did real good at it. I was amazed to see her swimming! I will miss that little dog.
Doob won't miss her though! Oh no! That cat hated that dog! Doob beat Pug up every single day she was here. Almost two months of daily whoopings...you'd have thought the dog would have learned to stay away from that cat. So many times she was swiped across her muzzle with a sharp claw or two! She just couldn't resist giving that cat hell though! She delighted in it! No. Doob will not miss her at all, I'm afraid.
Fred moped around for a few days as though looking for her but he's moved on now. He actually sat in the passenger's seat when I took him to town earlier today. He hadn't done that since Pug took up residence in the passenger's seat.
I about threw Fred through the windshield on the way to town. That stupid woman! I was headed down 20 road, taking the long way to town and a dark green SUV about ran into me! She turned off the vet's road onto 20 right in front of me. I don't think she even saw me till I about ran into her. Poor Fred wasn't ready for it! I hit the brakes so I wouldn't hit her and Fred went flying! He's none the worse for the wear but he don't like being thrown into the windshield! Don't like it at all. Can't say as I blame him either! (This isn't the first time!) My heart was pumping on overtime! I can only imagine what Fred's was doing with that windshield getting closer and closer!
That was my harrowing experience of the day.

I need to make a grocery list.
Sam mowed the grass today. Again. He likes to ride that mower. We got plenty of ground to ride it on! Mow all you want!

I've written a bit of poetry since the art muse went on vacation. Nothing spectacular by any means...I just haven't written anything for a long time. I'm a bit rusty at it. I was reading in my notebook last night and I went back to the very beginning of it. the first entry in that notebook is dated Feb 07. There are only about 80 pages in this notebook. I have never taken this long to fill up a notebook with writing! There's artwork in that notebook as well cause sometimes I don't feel like writing on a particular day. Usually though when there's artwork on one day, there's writing on that day as well. But not always! Artwork in my poetry notebook is always pen and ink drawings. Zentangles more often than not.

I'm out of here for now! You all have yourselves a fantastic Wednesday. You know the world is predicted to end tomorrow? 09/09/09.....I'm betting it won't! :)
Go get your hugs!


John said...

Oh Donna, I didn't know you're also a fan of John Grisham! I'm a deadbeat fan, verily.

And yes, that stupid idiot doing a stunt like that. I really wonder how she'd survived thus far.

You know, I think you should do a full scan of your computer and I know just the site to go to:


1. Click on the "Full Service Scan" button

2. If it's the first time you're using this, you'll come next to this page "Service Agreement". Ignore reading it and just click "Accept" at the bottom.

3. It will then ask you to Install the Scanner. Do it.

4. There might be a few prompter asking you YES/NO... just answer YES for any prompts.

5. It might take quite a while for the installation, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

6. If nothing happens after 10 minutes, click on the Refresh button on your browser.

7. When the installation is complete, Launch the Scanner. A window will pop up.

8. Choose the "Complete Scan" and click "Next".

9. It will then automatically download the tools needed for the scanning, and will automatically start the scanning subsequently.

10. You may continue doing other things on the computer, cos it might take up to an hour or more for the scan to complete, just like mine.

In any event if the same thing happens (IE shuts down by itself) before the scan is completed, do let me know.

And in any event you are stuck at any step, do let me know as well.

11. When the scanning is completed, it will list down ALL the problems that your computer is having. Just click "Next" to let it automatically fix everything.

Then VOILA! This should fix it. If not, let me know too.

Donna said...

Hi John,
I'm just today finding this comment. I somehow overlooked it.
It is an important message you've left here!
I have yet to try your suggestion but I will tomorrow when I get up. I don't want to start the scan and go to bed. I will be going to sleep very soon. It's almost 11 pm. I've been up since 8 am. I want to keep my sleep schedule on schedule.
Thank you so much for this advice, John!
So far since this machine prompted the post which prompted your suggestion, has not shut itself down, but it has other issues.
Again, thanks, my friend!

Donna said...

Hi John,
I don't know if the scan did the trick or not to be honest with you. It said we had a successful scan and there were tons of things deleted off this wretched machine!
It took its sweet ol' time turning on this morning and getting me to a webpage. Almost 20 minutes to do that successfully.

The scan itself took over six hours to complete. There were 30some viruses and a ton of other issues that were resolved.

Guess I'll just have to see what happens. Hopefully the issue of IE shutting itself off is resolved.

I updated my anti virus this morning as well. It says everything is running as should be. All of this is greek to me though! So I just have to take its word that all is well.

Thanks again for sending me to this page to fix this trouble. I do appreciate the help tremendously!