04 February 2010

Dang! Wednesday Got Here FAST!

Hello Readers!
I really can't believe Wednesday is coming to a close! Seems like it shouldn't be this far into the week.
I finally got that paperwork into the right hands for action to be taken on it! That's a relief for me! I should have had that paperwork in before the new year got started. Better late than never though. All will be fine! Thank goodness!

I liked the way this picture came out. It's a picture of my mailbox across the highway from the house. Sunset is fixin' to commence when this was taken...the grasses are all shining like they've been dusted with gold! 
The two little trees are plum trees and the bigger tree to the left of the picture is one of two pear trees in the yard. Both pear trees stand next to one another. And there are two more plum trees also. The plums only began producing plums last summer. We had to cut down the mother plum tree when the house was moved onto the property four years ago. These little trees were volunteers from the mother tree and we let four of them grow to maturity so we could have lovely little red plums in the summer. 

I took a drive to Phillipsburg to deliver that paperwork today. I had a nice solo drive in the dreary gray cold. The drive home was quite damp, not raining or even spitting, but damp. The truck in front of me sprayed a fine mist of mud all over my windshield as we traveled down the road. I wasn't that close to him either. Traffic was slow because of a grain truck headed to Stockton loaded with milo. Five or six folks passed me and the fella in front of me. We were all behind the grain truck and those behind thought if they passed me and the red truck they'd get to Stockton sooner. Weren't they surprised when they ended up in front of the red truck going just as slow as the rest of us still cause they couldn't pass the grain truck in the hills! Some folks are just in too big a hurry some days!
I should have taken Fred with me on that journey but I knew I was going to stop at my brother Sam's house on the way home and Fred isn't allowed in Sam's house cause my brother is weird and thinks it upsets his cat. That cat could care less about that silly dog! The only time I ever took Fred to Sam's, his kitten, Meeka, played with Fred's tail while Fred lay on the floor wagging his tail so the kitten could play with it. Anyway, Fred didn't get to go this time.
I watched a Star Trek episode with Sam and let him vent about the idiots in Oklahoma who have made a major mess of his finances. And his little red truck blew the clutch this morning too which didn't help his outlook at all. I don't worry like that boy does. There is not a lot he can do about the idiots in Oklahoma and all he has to do with the truck is to fix it. He can do that without any help from anyone. I do hope things start looking up for him but I'm afraid his negative attitude will dictate the outcomes for him more than he realizes. Send Sammy some good vibes!

I got caught up with the 365 Project this morning with these four ATCs.

Another Blue Horse
3 February 2010
#32 365 Project
Markers on recycled cardstock.
Boston Terrier
3 February 2010
#33 365 Project
Markers on recycled cardstock.
This looks more like a cat than a dog of any kind! Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.
The Lone Cow
3 February 2010
#34 365 Project
Markers on recycled cardstock.
I see that black speck is still on the scanner bed. Will have to clean that thing soon!

Red Rooster
3 February 2010
#35 365 Project
Markers on recycled cardstock.

There is a mid-week Collage-a-thon going on over at AFA for the next three days. I haven't decided if I'll be making ATCs for that or not. I don't much feel like collaging tonight. I tried collage last night and it wasn't working out too well. I need to make a few more stitched books to show the folks over at the Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, KS and I was collaging the covers of a book in shades of orange. All I ended up making was a mess!
I may sit over at my painting table and see what comes out of the muse. I'm going to be up for awhile anyway, might as well make some artwork.

I need to call the Art Center and make an appointment with Rosslyn to get my work in the gift shop there. I'll let you all know how that goes. They are interested in my big fish picture too. I'm on the lookout for more large canvasses to do mixed media on. Need to call my sister Kathy and see if she's run across any more of those. She probably wouldn't appreciate a call right now though as it's just after midnight. Tomorrow I'll give her a call.
I think instead of collaging, I am going to start a new book. I need to add to the list of books read for 2010. The goal is 50. I'm behind on my reading if I'm going to meet that goal.
You all have a terrific Thursday!
I shall ramble on again tomorrow when I come back to show you the day's artwork.
Get your hugs!

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