17 February 2010

Wednesday...another week well under way

Wednesday is actually just starting...I'm hungry and it is 2:25 a.m.
Being hungry has nothing to do with this blog, but I AM HUNGRY!
Not much art to show you today. There will be more tomorrow though. I have one ATC ready to scan and will be finishing up my little matchbox/books before the sun comes up.
(Someone really should finish the dishes as well!)
I've been teaching myself teabag folding for the last few days. Hooray for YouTube and those who feel it necessary to share their knowledge! Thanks ever so much for the tutorials. I could not have done it without you all! It was rather frustrating to begin with but I think I have the basics down now. I tried a few sites with instructions with diagrams for teabag folding but I'm a visual learner and the diagrams just didn't do it for me as well as the videos did.  I'd like to make some ornaments of teabag folding to present when I get my appointment to show my work at the Grassroots Art Center. I still haven't made the phone call to set that up but that is on my agenda for early next week.
I also have a stitched book in the making. The covers are done and all that is needed is cut the pages and sew the sucker together. It too will be part of my presentation to Rosslyn and her staff at the Grassroots Art Center. I added a link up on the left hand side that will lead you to the Grassroots Art Center's webpage.

I have so many irons in the fire that I'll never accomplish everything I'd like to accomplish in my lifetime. I pity my sons when I'm dead and gone....what will they do with all this stuff I've acquired that I call ART FODDER? Your guess is as good as mine! I hope they pass it on to others of the same thinking as myself, though I'll have to set that up for them before I go. Better get on that! LOL One never knows when their last breath will be!
Not anytime soon, I hope!
I've been looking around my two room studio here in the house and have discovered that I really need to do something with my Chunky Book Pages collection. Most of the pages I have are ones that I made and never put up for trade. I have only three completed books, but have two others that have a theme that only need a few more pages to complete. I have numerous monochromatic pages in almost all the primary colors that I would like to trade off someday for elephants. I'd like to have a few books that are nothing but elephants! 
 I have yet to make a Chunky Page this year and that has to change! One a week would be a good goal, but like I said, I have so many irons in the fire....
I need to do something with the Chunky Pages cause they are running amuck! I collect lunchboxes and those lunchboxes are housing my Chunky Pages at the moment. The problem with that is there are not enough lunchboxes for Pages and I've bags of pages just sitting on the shelf. I'll be doing some rearranging here shortly to remedy that situation and when I do that rearranging, I'll be scanning Chunky Pages so I can put some of them up for trade!
And speaking of trading....I need to add to my gallery over at AFA to get rid of some of the ATCs made this year already. Not to mention the 170some from previous years. My notebook of available ATCs overfloweth!

Enough of me rambling on about what needs to be done. Let's get on to what has already been done!
And that is the latest two cards for the 365 Project.
Lavendar Posies
14 February 2010
#46 365 Project
Markers on recycled cardstock.
14 February 2010
#47 365 Project
Markers on recycled cardstock.

My sister invited me to supper at her house on Valentines Day and that is when and where these two cards were made. I supply the blanks, she supplies the markers. It was a good move on my part to introduce her to ATCs and the joys of markers! I don't have to lug my own markers to her house when I want to go there to play! :)

That concludes our art tour for this post cause there is no more art to show for today.

I wasn't feeling too well on Monday or Tuesday. I pretty much slept Tuesday away and I don't much recall just what did occur on Monday. Must not of been too exciting....Seems to me I ate supper at Susan's that night as well. But no art was made. My old brain doesn't remember things like it used to! My brother says that is cause I'm getting old but I say its because it's been this way since that damned car wreck that screwed up this old body of mine! I can't remember stuff! Plain and simple...I have CRS Disease!  But anyway....I've been sleeping a lot for the last two days.
I took a nap from 3:30 to 7:30 last night and when I woke up, all the lower cabinets in the kitchen were standing wide open. Looked as though someone had gone through the cabinets looking for something. I didn't recall anyone being here while I was asleep and anyone I know who would go through my kitchen cabinets would have closed at least most of the cabinet doors. Turns out the culprit was that little terrorist, Lola Kid. I knew she could get in the cabinet under the kitchen sink cause she does it all the time! She likes to check out the new trash bag everytime I empty the trashcan and she likes to get in there and rifle through the cleaning supplies. She'd never gone through all the cabinets before though. Was a very strange sight to wake up and find the kitchen in that kind of disorder! I'm not sure how to keep it from happening again though, short of child locks on the cabinet doors. I have to keep the trash can hidden under the sink cause if it was sitting out, that Fred dog would help himself to whatever suited his fancy from it. I know it was Lola who opened all the cabinet doors cause I caught her red-handed at it later.
I'm a tad upset with that dog today. I put trash out in the cart by the door to be taken to the bins and he helped himself to two of those bags! One of them is under the pear trees and the other one is out there somewhere in the yard. Thankfully the one under the pear trees is just sitting there, still tied shut. I don't know about the other one though. It's been way too cold out there to go check on what that stupid dog did with it! That's on my agenda for when the sun comes up later.
It snowed again Tuesday morning. It was snowing at 7 a.m. and stopped around 9 a.m. Not much accumulation and most of it blew south with the wind straight out of the north. I am SO READY for spring to get here!

That paperwork I told you all about last week...the ones I didn't get in on time...I'm still playing catchup with that! Last year that paperwork went smooth...no kinks in the process to speak of. I had all the stuff I needed to have. I thought I had it all this time as well. I didn't though and Tuesday morning was spent on the phone, on hold for over 18 minutes for a three minute conversation that I already knew the answer to to begin with! They couldn't give me paperwork to verify I wasn't eligible for the benefits these other people think I might be eligible for. It's a big old pain in my side, all this stupid paperwork! Later this morning I'll be on the horn with the first people trying to explain that there will be no paperwork to verify my ineligability. And then I'll be calling another agency to fix goofups for another thing. I have a form to fill out, with more paperwork that needs go with it and I also have to get my taxes done today. I hate paperwork! Hopefully this will take care of the paperwork for the year and I'll be through with this headache! Wish me luck! I think I'm going to need all I can get!
The stress of all this paperwork and getting it done is doing a number on the fibromyalgia and that's kicking my butt! My hair is falling out too! I have a bare spot on the top of my head! It's probably not as bad as I think it is. I just discovered my bald spot...haven't looked at it in the mirror. Lovely, my hair is falling out! Good thing I have a lot of it! I may be over reacting to the hair business.
I'm full of complaints today. Sorry. I'm gonna scoot on out of here for the time being and bid you all a good Wednesday. Get some hugs! I'm in dire of need of hugs!
Before I scoot.... I got some excellent news the day before yesterday! My oldest son and his longtime girlfriend are getting married, finally. Most people get married and then have a baby. RJ and Terah did it differently. They had the baby and then got married. In their defense, they were going to get married before the baby came but that didn't work out with their finances so come the 24th of April, I'll be getting all gussied up in the new dress I picked out late last night and heading to Hutchinson for a marriage! I'm excited!
Be good to one another! Get your hugs! Give some smiles and just be all around happy today!
Make it a good one!

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