21 February 2010

Ida Cat #52

Not much happening in my world today. It's snowing like crazy outside and we'll likely have much more than the two or three inches that is on the ground as I type.
My trip to town a few hours ago was not a fun trip. The roads were crap. I had to go though and Fred enjoyed the ride. He's not gone for a ride in quite some time.
I've only one piece of art to show for today because my muse is otherwise occupied along with the rest of me. I started a new book this morning and read 13 chapters, almost half the book.
So Ida Cat is all you get today.

Ida Cat
21 February 2010
365 Project #52
Markers on recycled cardstock.
Ida Cat never misses a meal. Ever. She's a diva princess. Just ask her.

Some hugs should be forthcoming before the sun goes down.
Make sure you get your share!

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