02 February 2010

Playing Catch Up

Hello Readers!
I've been away for a couple days. Here, but not able to be here! Well, I was able, just didn't have anything nice to say to anyone and my mother always says, "If you have nothing nice say, it might be best if you kept your mouth shut." So. :) I just felt like major crap for the last few days and haven't been the greatest company.
I'm better now though and I think I'm back on track. Least headed in the right direction. That fibro takes ahold of me sometimes and I have a devil of a time getting it to turn loose!
I haven't posted in a few days but I have been busy, all but one of those days, with art at one time or another. The stuff I'm showing you today was done from the 28th through the 1st of Feb.
We'll start with 365 Project Cards
365 Project
28 January 2010
I showed you all this one in the last post, as well as the next one. Showing them twice is more for my benefit than your own.

Sacred Bull
365 Project
29 January 2010
Both are markers on recycled cardstock.

Cat's Armadillo
365 Project
31 January 2010
Inspired by a photograph by The Mad Catter.
Markers on recycled cardstock.
I actually drew this one on 1st Feb 2010 but I was behind on my 365 Project cards.

Purple Fish Collage
365 Project
31 January 2010
Collage on stiff chipboard. American History text page, black nylon scarf, red mesh onion bag, glitter, novelty yarns, fish is cardstock colored with black sharpie, glitter, eyeshadow, gold dust and a google eye. It's all sealed with acrylic varnish. The gold dust is actually gold colored dust that was originally designed to go into resin in a mold to make the object shiny. I use it for other things.
I won't go through the description of the next five fishes cause they were all made the same time this fella was made and they all have the exact same components, just different color glitter on the fishes and everything placed differently. I actually made these over a two day time....I started them on the 31st and finished them on the 1st.
Enjoy! There's a herd of fish loose in this post!

Light Green Fish Collage

Light Blue Fish Collage
This is my least favorite of the lot. That old light blue glitter did not play nicely with the glue nor the acrylic varnish. Lesson learned. :)

Lavendar Fish Collage

Dark Blue Fish Collage

Dark Green Fish Collage
I just noticed that I cut off this fella's nose with the scanner! He really is all there!

Purple Flower
365 Project
25 January 2010
I don't think I posted this one here. I know I posted it to the thread over at AFA though.
Markers on recycled cardstock.

23 January 2010
I did this one for the Collage-a-thon ove that weekend of the 23rd and never scanned it till today. It is sheet music, part of a playing card, a pc of eyelash yarn, blue squares from a magazine, the man too is from a magazine (not sure who he is), and brown paper packing material, all attached to recycled cardstock with glue of one kind or another. I think there might be some glitter on there too.

No, we're not done just yet. I did some drawings I told you all about in a previous post. Those were done on the 26th of January at my brother's house while waiting on supper to cook. I'm thinking they will eventually get some color put to them, perhaps end up in a chunky book somewhere. I've yet to make any chunky pages this year and that has to change. For the time being these drawings are tucked safely in the notebook where all my odd sized drawings end up.

I've shown you them in the order in which they were drawn while sitting on the sofa with a handyman guide book across my lap for a desk. The pages are 5 inches square and done in black gel pen. My said to me as he handed me that pen, "This is the best pen I own! You'll love it!" He was right. It was a nice pen! I have a couple of them in the drawer over there<<<<<<. :)
The fishes aren't in the notebook, they are in the file drawer with the rest of the fishes. I'll use them for sure on something or another.

Yep, now we are done with art.

It is a quarter to 2 in the morning and I really should be awake before noon tomorrow. That paperwork still isn't done. It's filled out, but it still isn't in the right hands for action to be taken on it. That will happen tomorrow for sure! A trip to the gas station is in order before I drive those 23 miles to Pburg but that's no biggie! The van was running on fumes when I took it to town earlier this evening.
Watched a movie with my brother. The Last Man Standing with Bruce Willis in it. Was a pretty good movie if you like the shoot 'em up kind. They musta shot off two million rounds of ammo in that movie! It was certainly a 'guy movie'. I sat through the whole of it, so it must not of been a terrible movie!
Something is wrong with my pump for the water well. I have no water at the moment. Didn't have any when I woke up at 11:30 on Monday morning. I don't think it is actually the pump itself, I think it is the plug-in where the pump is plugged in that is the trouble. It's a pain in the patootie when you have no water! Fixing that problem is on the agenda as well. I'm not too worried that it is the pump, cause that pump is only a few years old and when we got that pump, the one that died was well over 25 yrs old. The new one should last at least half that long!
Alright! I'm outta here for now. I can hear my bed calling to me from the other end of the house!
You all have yourselves a terrific Tuesday! Get some hugs. Give some hugs! HUGS to you all!!!!!
Smile, too! It makes folks wonder what's on your mind!
Peace, Good People!


Cheryl Ann said...

Lol, I know all about catch up! I hadn't posted cards since the 20th. Yikes! Had time to draw here and there, but no extra time for the computer. Got January done though!

Hope you are feeling better! Love the art from the last several days, especially that pink horse and purple fish.

And that grandbaby photo sure makes me smile!

Hugs to you!!

soulbrush said...

sooo productive, these are amazing, gotta get me one of those fishies.