04 October 2010

It Is MONDAY Morning!

I am fighting flies this morning. I HATE FLIES! I know they are useful creatures, but damn! are they annoying!!!! I'm not looking forward to cold weather, no. Not at all. But one good thing about cold is that the flies disappear and I do not have to deal with them then.
Why we have a fly infestation, I do not know. There are three of them vying for the rim of my coffee cup. I've covered it with the postcard I got from the doctor's office the other day.
Doc wants to see me for a medicine review and a general check up. I initiated the medicine review. Need to go give blood sometime this week...before Friday. I have to go see a different doc on Friday. They're going to check on my hemocrit numbers to see if the polycythemia vera is under control. If it isn't, I'll have a phlebotomy. No biggie. I'm hoping the numbers are where they should be though...would be so much easier not to have to drive back to Hays to have one!

I don't have any art pictures to share today, though I do have more art done since the last post! I plan on getting those ATCs scanned this afternoon sometime. Today you'll see some of my fabric paper made since the last post with art in it. Tomorrow you'll get a picture show of art. Least you will if all goes according to plan. I might even get some more ATCs done today too. Who knows!

Thought I'd share some of my newest pictures of the critters and other things with you. Better go let Fred in first though. He's standing at the front door barking.
I made quite a few sheets of paper during September. I've started a book. A blank book that still needs to be sewn together. I'll show you all the pictures of it once it gets sewn together. I still haven't located my needle. I'm afraid I'll just have to use a different one and hope it works out alright. I do have a rather large stash of needles, just need to find one that will work.
At any rate...here are the latest sheets of fabric paper.

This is a stack of papers laying on my work table in the cutting room. I mostly used pages from an old spanish workbook and gauze material for the fabric part. I've run out of gauze so I am on the hunt for other suitable material. Though any material will make fabric paper!

I spary painted the paper layer with black paint, let it dry and then added a layer of glue to hold the red glitter on. I really really really like how this one turned out! I will be making a book cover out of this sheet.

Apparently I was in the mood for red! This one isn't near as pretty in person as the previous one! I painted over the paper part with cheap red acrylics, letting some of the words/pictures from the paper show through. It was dull. It wasn't at all exciting like the color red should be. I tried to rememdy the dullness of the paint by rubbing the entire surface of the paper with stuff that is generally used to shine up tires on cars. It gave it a nice shine! Not sure if it will hold up or not though....Not sure what will happen with this sheet.

It really doesn't show at all in this picture but there is blue glitter sprinkled all over this one. I wasn't pleased with how this one turned out.

Again I used the spanish workbook pages and then sprinkled stars cut from magazine pages all over it. This one will be turned into a book cover.

This one is the spanish workbook pages with purple glitter sprinkled all over it.
I don't think think I'll be doing spanish workbook pages with glitter on them any more. They just look too plain. And this purple glitter is some chunky stuff, vintage, found at a yard sale with a bunch of other old glitters and some paint.
There will be more fabric paper in the future.

It's kinda quiet around here without any kittens wrecking havoc. I took them over to RW's house on Saturday and they took both of mine and 5 of their own kittens over by Kirwin to live on a farm. Lola doesn't seem to even care that they are gone and the other critters haven't even noticed the kittens' absence. I kinda miss them though.

These are the last pictures of the little guys I'll ever have. This one looks so sad.....He really wasn't at the time, he was full of it that day!

Here's the other little guy.

They loved that stool in the cutting room! They also made that mess you see on the floor.
No more kittens to terrorize my house.....

I went to Munjor with my sister and her boyfriend to watch her son's band play at the bar over there.
We had a good time that night. I was the designated driver that night. No booze for me! I drank coca cola while the others had beer.
The boys rocked the bar!
Justin, my nephew plays the harmonica and sings lead vocals. Brandon is on the drums.

Nate plays rhythm guitar and does vocals as well.

Levi plays lead guitar. He really doesn't know all the songs they sing but he 'faked' it really well! That isn't hard for Levi to do though...fake it. He's an excellent guitar player! He will learn the songs and the band will just get better and better! He's a good asset to the band. He just recently joined.
They call themselves Black Dawg Shuffle.

Lola laying in the hallway where the dog usually sleeps. She must of got there before he did.

Fred isn't a very bright dog some days. Here he is with stickers on his head after rolling around in the grass. We have an infestation of stickers as well as flies this year! I pull stickers off that dog every single day! He leaves them on the carpet in the house and I always have to wear my shoes inside lest I step on one of his castoffs. He wasn't too happy about me pulling those stickers out of his face.

And there's Lil A with Aunt Susan in the back seat of RJ's van on our way to Wichita so Susan could go see the doc over there to get a treatment on her feet. She has neuropathy in her feet. Hopefully this new treatment will help her out with the pain in her feet.

I'm listening to my sister Jeanny ramble on on the telephone.
You all have a wonderful Monday. Try to make the rest of the week a good one.
Throw some smiles out there and be good to one another!

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