23 October 2010

Just Some Chatter Today

I don't have any pictures to show today. I could probably find some in my picture files if I thought you all really needed some pictures and I might just do that before we're all done here!
All is well in my world! I'm still battling my body for control but all in all, I can't complain too loudly, so I won't! Hope all is well in your world!

I'm working on a few different projects these days. I'm behind again in the 365 Project. Seems a week goes by before I know it. I have 3 ATCs that need to be scanned and others from the past that I can use to get caught up with the 365 Project.
It's been beautiful weather for the last few days and I've been out in the burnt house going through crap in my workshop, tearing apart motherboards and generally getting things organized out there.

Projects on the list:
Huge Wooden Spoons and Forks-
Bottle Cap Fishes
Large Colorful Xmas Bulbs
Little Books
Tree of Life

I have another list that has nothing to do with art at all that I really need to get started on! It involves things that need their picture taken and listed for sale.
natural gas heating stove
1950s TV
bar lamp
BOOKS-that's a list all of its own!

There's a lot of work to do out in the burnt house. There's a lot of money sitting out there if I get my shit together and manage my time correctly. That and the fish bite when I get the lines thrown out.
I need to do an inventory of what is out there. A master list of sorts.
This ain't getting a thing done but yakking at you all! :)
 I'll be back with some ATCs for sure. I also have some keys that aren't keys anymore to show you all. Got one of them still drying...

Be good to one another! It matters!

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