12 May 2013

Book, Orbs, Frogs and Flowers

Hello Readers!

It's been four days since a post. I've been busy today painting the covers to another book and cutting the page block for it. You'll see it soon. I've no clue what is going to be on the covers. All I've done is give the boards (a former parcheezee game) three coats of white paint to cover up the graphics.

I also painted an owl in acrylics on wallpaper. It will end up as the cover to a book. Though not the book I just told you I was in the process of making. It isn't the right size.

There are two more fabric flowers assembled. 

And I made a miniature pincushion. You'll get to see a picture of it in the next post. 

Yesterday I made this book below.

Front Side.
If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you'll find the chameleon familiar. I did him in oil pastels on book page sometime back. He was the perfect size for this book cover. I was digging around on the shelf beside my desk and came across this corrugated cardboard folder. It held the owner's manual and pertinent paperwork for a Samsung Digital Camera. That camera died a long time ago. I pitched the manuals. This nice little bit of cardboard was just too good to throw out! I put a velcro dot on the flap to hold the book closed.

Back Side.
The background paper came off the kitchen table where I do all my painting. This is all waste paint. When I'm painting I wipe my brush on newspaper before rinsing it out in the rinse water. I added some paint to the edge on the front cover because the newsprint was still showing through. The paint on the newsprint makes it much stronger than newsprint paper on its own.  I put a coat of varnish on it after I glued the chameleon to the front cover.
It has 8 signatures with 5 sheets each of manila drawing paper. It is sewn in the long stitch with orange crochet cotton thread. It is 6 x 4.5 inches.

I painted the light bulb orbs. These things are about 10 inches across. They are quite weighty as well. I'm just hoping the hot glue used to hold them all together holds up! Ma wants one for sure! Will put it together for her next week. I think that 5 gallon bucket still has enough bulbs in it to make, probably 3 or 4 more of these. Let's hope I have enough hot glue sticks to make that many!

Frogs came to visit for the day!

Horned Frog
acrylics on watercolor paper.

Blue and Red Frog 
acrylics on watercolor paper

Red Striped Frog
markers on cardstock

The Dapper Frog
acrylics and glitter paint on watercolor paper

Altered Envie to mail all those frogs in for the Frog Pond Swap over at AFA.
Acrylics on white envelope.

Blue flowers on orange.
colored ball point pen on cardstock. 
I got this set of pens for my birthday earlier this month. I don't know how much I'll use them for drawing. It was fun to play with new toys though!

I experimented with bugs and flat advertising magnets.

I dragged out the oil pastels and some black watercolor paint to do these beetles. They were outlined with black sharpie. I let the watercolor dry and then gave them a coat of gel medium to give them a bit more 'body'. They're drawn on a blank book page. After the gel medium was good and dry I glued them to a flat magnet that originally was displayed on a vehicle door to promote Special Olympics. Nice thick magnet, unlike the advertising magnets designed to put on an appliance or such. When I got this magnet, which is about 14 x 20 inches, it was rolled up and somewhat squished. It wouldn't lay out flat at all. The police chief was going to chuck it and my eldest son saved it for me. I've had it under a row of books on the bottom shelf of the bookcase in the hallway for about three years. It lays perfectly flat now. I cut around the bugs after gluing them to the magnet. They're about 3 x 2 inches. 

Always busy with something, that's me. 

Tomorrow I won't get much done cause I have to go to Pburg for the Mother's Day Brunch at my sister's house. Should be a great time though. I gathered a boatload of pictures and downloaded them to a SD card so Ma can see them on her digital picture frame. That's what she said she wanted. 
She has 9 children. I found pictures of all of us except my oldest brother (I typed oddest :)-Shhh don't tell John). I don't have pictures of some of the grandkids and greatgrands but I can fetch them for another SD card in the future. I have actual photographs of my brother and most of the grands, just don't have digital ones and my scanner, as you all should remember is dead as a doorknob!

The computer before this one I use now...have used since 2008... died of a virus or some such (I don't rightly remember why it died) and I kept the tower all these years because of the pictures and documents on it. My cousin came over to help me figure out how to get those pictures from my computer to the SD card and he took that old tower apart to retrieve the hard drive. He took the HD home with him and retrieved ALL my pictures and text documents from it! I was OVERJOYED! None of those pictures went on Ma's SD card so I still have plenty to give her. 
That old hard drive had over 4000 pictures on it and over 700 text documents. I deleted a few of the pictures and ended up with a little over 3700 pictures in that folder. The text documents are poetry and me rambling on about all kinds of things. I really can't say just how happy it makes me to have those things back.

It's late. I need to hit the sack!
Happy Mother's Day!
Be good to one another....especially to your Mama!

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