24 May 2013

Monsters, A Few Drawings and Some Mug Rugs

Hello Readers!

Monsters are back on the radar as you will see later in this post. 
I drew some ATCs and couple of bookmarks and I've been busy sewing mug rugs.


Gray Cat 
markers on cardstock

Pink Flower
markers on cardstock

the yellow wall
markers on cardstock

markers on register tape paper

markers on register tape paper

The ones with the light colored backgrounds are unfinished. The others have that same background but with some Modge Podge Dimensional Magic on top to seal all those little doodads in the bottle caps. I ran out of DM in the middle of it all. These still need a magnet glued to the backsides and I need to make a trip to buy some more DM.

Mug Rug
approx 4 inches
Felt, gold filigree ribbon and velvet. Sewn with embroidery thread and regular thread.

Mug Rug
Purple fish
Components are mostly felt save for the orange stripes which are cotton seam binding. Threads are all embroidery.

Mug Rug 
Paisley Starfish
felt, blue netting velvet paisley.  threads are regular sewing thread, metallic embroidery thread and crochet cotton thread

I cut out these monsters. Ma took them home and sewed their bodies with the sewing machine. I do not get along with sewing machines, as I have discussed before, and Ma volunteered to sew monster bodies for me. 
This yellow flower print material used to be a woman's shirt. It's a bit heavier than T-shirt material, but on those lines. I got three monsters out of the shirt with plenty left for smaller projects.

This one is about 7 inches tall. His horns are fleece and his eyes are felt. Nubby yarn for hair.

This one is also about 7 inches tall. Felt for his horns, felt and that same blue fleece from the previous monster for his eyes. Hair is crochet cotton thread. I like that all of my monsters are different from one another. This one almost doesn't even have a body. He's all arms and legs! 

This guy is about 10 inches tall with felt for his horns and eyes, nubby yarn for his hair.

I showed you all this unfinished blue plaid monster a few posts back. He's now sporting some really long orange sweater material horns and felt eyes. His hair is nubby yarn. He's about 7 inches tall as well.

I disassembled  a leopard print coat last night so you'll be seeing some leopard print monsters before long. The inside of the coat is some sort of quilted cotton-like stuff that I'll use for the innards of mug rugs and pot holders. I have tons of material to make monsters out of, just need to cut some bodies so Ma can sew them and I need to go buy some polyfiberfil to stuff them with. I'm down to less than half a bag of the stuff.

I started another light bulb orb. I'll finish it this evening so I can clean off the kitchen table and get started on my yearly fish picture.

This is just a reminder of what the finished orbs look like. I've had a few requests for these things. I'm not sure just how many I can make with the light bulbs that are left. I'm thinking maybe two more. The one I finish next will be spray painted a dark metallic green, I think. We'll see what the muse wants to do when the time comes! The muse dictates what happens creatively. I've no control over it!

Speaking of that fish picture....
I've been working on components for the fish picture for the last two nights and have quite a few different little baubles in the works. Most of them need more work done before I can say they are ready to be used. Once I get the canvas painted, the rocks adhered (still need to make and paint the rocks) and the fishes made for this one, I'll let you in on it! 
It must be done by the middle of August so I better get busy on it!

Next post you'll see another drawing and hopefully four Green Chunky pages as well. 

Thanks for stopping by!
Be good to one another!
It matters!

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