27 May 2013

It's All About Fake Food

Hello Readers!

Over the past four days there's been an athon of the FOOD variety going on over at AFA.  I slept all of Sunday away and got very little done to show. I was busy on Friday and Saturday though! 

We started off with a tiny slice of white bread made from fleece and felt. I don't recommend making slices of bread this small. I made Lil A a felt sandwich awhile back that had life size bread slices.  The fried eggs are felt with some fiber filling stuffed beneath the yolk. Each of them has a button magnet sewn inside of it.

I can't call this post little fake food cause this cherry is actually a bit larger than any real cherry I've ever seen. Felt, filled with fiber filling. There's a button magnet sewn into the upper portion of the cherry, giving it a wonky stance when stuck to metal. 

Next up we have a pancake and a cute little donut. The syrup and butter pat on the pancake are glued on, the rest is sewn. 

I made the light brown doughnut first. I had to cut the dark brown one open to insert the magnet cause I forgot to stick it in before I finished sewing.

Then I dragged out the fingernail polish and made some strawberries out of cardstock. They have button magnets on the back side.

Still Life With Oranges
markers on cardstock

Green Pear
markers on cardstock

Corn on the Cob
markers on cardstock

colorful ocean fish
markers on cardstock

That's it for me! Thanks for stopping by!
Be good to one another!
It matters!

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