08 May 2013

I've Been VERY Busy

Hello Readers!
This post is heavy on pictures AND chatter. You better go get a cuppa and settle in for a spell if you intend to go all the way to the end of this post! 
Just a fair warning for you, is all. 

I have done only one drawing since the last post. I didn't take a picture of it so you'll not see it this time. Next time I won't forget it! It really isn't anything spectacular so don't feel like you're missing out on anything grand!

I dragged out the wire

and whipped up this little lopsided basket the other day.

Flower magnets are REALLY on the radar as you'll soon see...

These guys were made with nubby yarn and button. I'll be making more of these with other kinds of strings I have laying around. They're about 2.5 inches across. The two in the bottom picture still need a button.

I was going through things by my chair in the livingroom where I mostly do sewing.

I found an unfinished monster and an unfinished mug rug. Both of them started when I spent six weeks with my son and his family back in September.
Gasp! I should have these guys finished before the next post. Not much left to do on either of them really.

I played around with some rickrack. 
These pretty little flower magnets were the result. I sewed this rick rack to make it hold its shape. Sewing rickrack into a circle is not an easy feat! They are topped with vintage buttons from my button stash.

Top picture is the top of the coiled cord mug rug and the bottom picture is the bottom of it. It's about 3.5 inches across.

I had a request for another mug rug that you will be seeing sometime soon along with the turkey painting that was requested right along with the mug rug. I'm not looking forward to doing the turkey painting but sometimes you have to do what you don't really want to do whether you like it or not. The turkey is just such a circumstance. I'll give it my best shot...see what happens. I have till mid July to get these two done.

The dino is back to being green. Phthalo Green to be exact. I didn't realize just how close the original color of the dino is to this green! He may get a different color of paint than this green. He's still a WIP. I am working on him though.

You all remember that flamingo from this time last year? He's still not finished.

some more rick rack flower magnets with flat buttons and glitter for their centers. These guys are only a little over an inch across. I hot glued the rickrack to little metal disks instead of sewing them like the first rickrack flowers I showed you.

Lace flower magnets. Made the same way as the blue rickrack flowers above. Hot glued to a little metal disk and button from the button stash glued to the center. These are about 1.5 inches across. 

Also in this picture are two of the seven ice cream cone magnets I made awhile back and never got around to taking a picture of. They're made from a brown paper sack and a little pompom. 
Easy Peasy

And while I was on the magnet kick today, I put together these three owl magnets from the strips of corregated cardboard I had cut for these eons ago.

Just a plain old brown cardboard box cut into 3/4 inch strips, hot glued into circles for the body and eyes and triangular shape cut for the head feathers. My mother thinks these guys need feet. I don't think they do. Mainly cause: what the devil would you use for feet? I tried a cardboard cutout and it looked stupid so I said, 'to heck with feet!'  Their eyes are plastic beads glued on and their beaks are a wooden stick I sharpened with the pencil sharpener and cut to length with my needle nose pliers. These guys are about 4 inches tall.

Origami Cranes
x 41

All the cranes I've folded thus far will be mailed off tomorrow with hopes that my batch will put the total needed over the limit! Not sure just how many I do have made to send. Somewhere around 300 of them though.

I've been wanting to make some light bulb orbs.

I have a 5 gallon bucket full of these christmas tree light bulbs out in the burnt house. My brother junked the electrical parts the lights went in originally. There was a boatload of them to give me so many light bulbs to work with.

After making these two, the 5 gallon bucket is now about 2/3 full.

I don't think they will remain this color. I'm going to paint at least one of them with gold spray paint. The white bulbs have places where the paint is gone and painting them all gold will eliminate that problem.
These things are about 10 inches across. I don't know how many bulbs it takes to make one. I didn't count on either of them. I do know the second one has more bulbs in it than the first one cause it's shaped a tad different. It sits tall where the other one is pretty much round.
They were quick and fun to make. You'll probably see another or two of these.

These two were failed attempts at lace flower magnets. Not sure what I'll do with them....something though.

I told you all flowers were on the radar!
This denim flower gave me the idea for the rest of the flowers in this post.
This one is about 4 inches across... a tad big for a magnet if you ask me. I adjusted the tutorial a bit and came up with these pretty flowers:

This one is my favorite of all of these.

They are all made from drapery samples. One sample per flower. They're about 3 inches across. Put together with hot glue. I love my hot glue gun!

The samples were backed with a border of paper. The middle of the samples were fabric only. I used the middles on the flower petals and one edge of the sample for the center of the flowers. On the back of the flowers is a circle cut from on short edge of the sample to glue to the petals to.
It takes about 10 minutes to make one flower. Easy peasy project! 
I'll show you a tutorial I made up for these flowers tomorrow or the next day. 
Then you can make your own out of any material you want to.

These are the left over edges from the drapery samples. Those long strips will eventually become a basket. I have no idea what will happen with the little rectangles. They are backed with paper so they'll come in handy for collage work if for nothing else.

Yep, I have been busy!

I had better get this posted and shut down this machine before the storm I can hear in the distance starts pouring down on me!

Thanks for stopping by!
Be good to one another!
It matters!

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