19 September 2009

Early Saturday Morning!

Dang! Had to come back and add the post! All that I got posted the first time was the title to this post. Don't type in your title and hit the enter button! You will have to do some editing to get your post where you want it!
That's pretty good! It's 6 in the morning and I've already learned something today. It is a good omen, I think!

Yesteday I didn't feel well enough to add commentary to my post so I did it earlier today.
Today, I still don't feel exceptionally good, but I'm doing laundry, sitting in front of my pc getting some things done I have been meaning to do and drinking lukewarm coffee.
Coffee is lukewarm cause it's been sitting on this desk for awhile. Need to go fill it back up. Though there's a mess on the counter under the coffee maker cause 'someone' (that would have been me if truth be known) didn't set the coffee pot under the dripper right. It dripped all right! All over the counter! Should have known I couldn't do that in the dark! Had to make a whole new pot! Good thing that tiny little coffee maker only makes two cups at a time!
I do not know what is on the agenda for today. I've made no plans. I haven't made any plans for anything in a long time actually.
I went to Pburg with Sam the day before yesterday. He took me to lunch and to go shopping at Alco. I had no money on me. I left my purse at home. So I didn't buy anything. Which is OK, cause I really didn't need anything.
I went to breakfast at Frank's with Susan the day before yesterday also. I had to drive cause she is still gimp in her shoulder. We took her convertible. Top up. It was quite chilly that morning.
Saw the kids the day before yesterday as well. They came to town instead of me going to them.
Saw RW and RJ (again) the day before yesterday. Sam fixed RW's front door for him. Now if he'd just quit kicking the danged thing in when he gets mad, he might have a good door for awhile! RW and his brood were headed to Nebraska today to see Lou's mom. That should be a good trip for them all. Got to see all four grandboys while there.
I don't have any other pictures to show you all today. I have 9 ATCs that need to be scanned. I did five of those yesterday and found 4 of them in my bowl where I keep my trade index cards. They have been there since MAY!
I'm not trading much art these days cause I don't have the money to be spending on postage but I am still producing art.
One of these days I'll scan some of the pages in my altered book so you all can take a peek. That ain't happening today though.
I'm praying this old body of mine will hurry up and act right. Well, as right as it can act! I hurt from the top of my head to the tips of my toes in one degree or another. I have absolutely no energy!
My cell phone has died from lack of adding minutes to it. I won't be able to rememdy that problem till after the first of October. Not that I use the cell phone much, but it's still a good thing to have around!
Bills are on my agenda for today! Those must get in the mail! Soon!
I guess laundry is on the agenda as well beings I've been working on it since about 3 this morning. I let laundry get out of hand and now have about seven loads to do! What the hell was I thinking?
Fred needs a good dose of oil on his belly. He needs to take two benedryls as well sometime today. He didn't do well with the benedryls yesterday. I usually wrap them up in a slice of bread. He bit right through one of those capsules and refused to eat anymore bread yesterday. I had to put peanut butter on the bread and stick another capsule in it to get him to take the darn thing. They help with all his itching. His belly is bald! He's lost all his fur there and the skin is very dry. Looks like he has psoriasis. I'm really not sure just what he does have! I'm thinking mange...but where he'd get it from is beyond me. I'd love to take him to the vet, but the funds just do not allow that expenditure and we are taking the home remedy route, hoping to do him some good. A consult with the vet on the phone was helpful. That's where I learned about the oiling his bare spots and the benedryl. He's perfectly happy, just terribly itchy at times. Still eats, sleeps, gives that Billy cat hell and stays out Doob's way. I think a trip to the lake for a bath is on Fred's agenda today. It has been awhile since we took a lake trip for a bath. Sure wouldn't hurt the dog! Guess that means I'll be going to the lake as well cause we all dogs cannot drive! And he ain't getting out there without someone driving his hide out there.

I have been trying for weeks to add to my top ten scores on Splashspot.com's Cave In game. I'm lucky to hit 200,000 points. My top score is 427,000 some right now. I'll keep plugging along with that!

You all have a superb Saturday! I'll give it my best shot!


John said...

Hi Donna!

Hope you're feeling better today :)

Did you manage to get the 3 inchies out of your dress that needs washing?

And by the way, what did you mean by "I had to drive cause she is still gimp in her shoulder"? What's a gimp?

Donna said...

Hello John!

I'm feeling alright today, thanks! The weather has me hurting but I'll be fine.

Those three inchies did not survive the wash. I remembered them when I was taking that dress out of the washing machine...they seemed to have dissolved into nothing. I shall be more vigilant next time!

Gimp. Gimp is when you are aching/hurting/in pain for whatever reason. When you're in that state that limits your movements. My sister had surgery on her shoulder the last week in August. She has been wearing a sling until just yesterday. She can't drive with her arm in the sling and she can't drive cause it hurts too bad to do so.
Anyone who is physically impaired could be called gimp. I am gimp. RJ is gimp. It's not really a word you should go throwing around at people you don't know though cause they might take offense to it. I can get away with calling Susan that cause she's my sister.:)

I scanned my pc. Thanks for that bit of info! I've written you a note on the comments section of that post.