13 September 2009

It Is Sunday

No pictures today. I really have to get those ATCs and such scanned. That pile just keeps getting bigger!
I also should probably retrieve those three inchies out of the pocket of the dress I had on the other day... just remembered they were still there~! Don't want to wash them!

Not much happening in my world that I can think of at this exact moment but it has been a few days since I was here and I'm sure I can come up with something to talk about.

I cleaned off the desk in the livingroom this evening. Shortly after climbing my hide out of bed at 6:30 pm. ... I found an unopened envelope with an ATC in it. That was a nice surprise! I made that trade in JULY! I kept wondering why it had never arrived! It got lost in the pile of snail mail covering the top of that desk sometime in the last month. I am terrible about going through mail on a daily basis. I've no clue why that is, but it IS.
The cutting room is in need of straightening. I collected a lot of paper that needs cut when I cleaned off that desk.
There are still little books on the shelf across the room from me that need put together. I must find something to do with them! I will have over 40 of them when they are all put together. The covers are already made. They just need holes cut and the paper tied betwit them. Paper needs holes... I've cut enough for the covers already made. I need to scan some of those little books as well.

All this stuff that needs done.... and I've not the energy to get up and do it.

I went to supper at RJs last night. Terah made chicken enchiladas. Brenton doesn't much like chicken enchiladas. They were OK. I only had one along with a bottle of green tea.
Annabel was fussy. I held her for quite sometime.
RW showed up when we called him to see if he would be home. I was planning on making a trip across town to see him and the kids and Lou. But he came to RJs alone instead. He was on his way to Robert's house. It was good to see him. I would have liked to have seen the others as well but I'll see them next time perhaps.

I kicked Sam's butt at Dr. Mario after I cooked steak for him at his house. He called wanting someone to cook supper for him. He knows how to cook. He just wanted some company.
We played some racing game on the game cube day before yesterday. He is a much better race car driver than I am.
Sammy and I had a good talk. He told me things I didn't know from years past. Life has been a trial for all of us. Yet here we are, none the worse for that wear. I like spending time with my brother.

I have a ham in the refrigerator that needs to have something done with it. Whatever possessed me to buy that giant ham is beyond me! It's cooked though and it needs have something done with it.
I cleaned out the fridge the night before last. All my science experiments are gone now.
I'm thinking to make scalloped potatoes and ham with cheddar cheese out of some of that ham. Do you think I can find a mandolin slicer anywhere though? I don't relish the idea of slicing all those potatoes by hand. My hands couldn't slice that many in one sitting. If I can't find a mandolin slicer, I'm gonna have to find a helper!
Ham and beans and cornbread are on the menu as well.
I really gotta get that ham cut up and in the freezer at the least sometime before I head back to bed.
Someone should probably throw in a load of laundry as well.

I soaked the shower head in vinegar the other night... bout 24 hours in the vinegar and that sucker is like brand new again! I love my shower! It's big! The showerhead though was not working properly from all the calcium buildup from the well water. It was so nice taking a shower last night!

I've been to Hays with RJ, T & kids since the last post. We all went grocery shoppin' at Wally World! Oh Yeah! (I say that so sarcastically!) What I really wish is that I could just go to Websters and get all the stuff I got at WW for the same price. That ain't happening though cause Websters is a small store. Driving two miles sure beats the hell out of driving 80. But we went to WW to get groceries!
My cupboards are now full.
If only the kitchen sink and the counters were empty of the mess that awaits me there!

But again....I've not the energy to get up and do any of it.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll have some energy.....
I got my hugs yesterday. Haven't seen a soul yet today.
Go get your hugs! I'm going to go do something productive....I just don't know what that might be yet.

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