29 September 2009

If Pigs Could Fly...

we would all never go outside again! Think of what they could release to fall upon your head!!!!

It is very early on Tuesday morning. 2:45 a.m. to be exact.
I've been sitting in front of this pc for hours, reading blogs about art, life, oil engineers, travelers and other subjects as well that I just can't recall at the moment. It has been a learning experience, all this blog reading. I did not, however, add any new blogs to the 'everyday' list in my reading this morning. That's unusual for me.
There are certain blogs I read every single day I have access to them. (Sometimes, as you all know, my machine takes on a mind of its own and my own mind can't keep up with it so I abandon it for a few days and somehow it all works out that the issues dictating the machine's mind have been overpowered by the issues that dictate my own mind.)
None of the blogs I read frequently are updated on a daily basis, with the exception of one. I learn all kinds of things from these people! Things I wouldn't have a clue about if I didn't have the opportunity to read what they have to say.
I read six blogs on a regular basis. Each of those people enrich my life by sharing their own lives...their opinions, their endeavors, their means of making a living, their dreams and creativity, their loves, their losses. They share themselves. I'm thankful for their openness, for their humanity.

I didn't get any inchies made and I didn't get all my ATC envies folded nor glued. I did get about half of the ones that needed glued glued and put away. That stack of cut ones that needs to be folded is a daunting stack about two inches thick. I'm not sure just how many envelopes sit in that stack. 150 or more?
I certainly will have enough to last me a long time! I have plans for those envies so I'm not really hoping to hang onto them for too awfully long. What I'm hoping is that more will be needed to be made eventually!
And that is why the inchies didn't get made and the envies didn't get finished as originally planned. I sat in the livingroom going through magazines, pulling out pages with perfect pictures to make those ATC envies out of!
I have so many magazines I really don't know what to do with them all. And more keep coming....some of them are really good for ATC envies... the paper is the most important factor. Some magazines have very flimsy paper! I use it, but I prefer the magazines with stiffer paper...unusual pictures...unusal fonts....colors. The paper though, is the most important element in design of an ATC envie. A flimsy page has to have an exceptional design on it or it is not going to be made into an envelope.
In the process of hunting for envie pages in the magazines, I also run across images that may come in handy some day for a piece of art. Like magazines, I have more images already found, cut and put in a container than one person could possibly use in a lifetime. I have plans for those images just like I have plans for the ATC envies.
Those plans are in the 'thinking' stage at the moment...the 'getting ready to launch' stage is happening as well just in case the 'thinking' stage pans out like it should.
I cut one presentation folder today. 27 ATC blanks made. Plans for those as well.
I did figure out how to cut inchies on the paper cutter I have. That is a good thing! It wastes some cardstock, but it is much easier on my hands than trying to punch those little devils with the hand punch. There is plenty of cardstock on hand that the little waste isn't actually waste.
Twinchies are quite easy to accomplish on the paper cutter, as are 4x4s. I have lots of chipboard packaging stashed that I need to cut some 4x4s soon.
I've been thinking about making some paper from the scraps of things cut on the paper cutter. The scraps are small pcs...not much useful for much of anything BUT making paper from it. Paper making can't be done in the winter. Need lots of space and somewhere to get really messy in. A nice sunny summer day would be ideal to make paper in the yard! Guess paper making will wait a few months. But I can start collecting paper scrap from when I cut blanks and other paper.
RW took out two bags of trash this afternoon that were 95% paper. I'd like to have a go at paper making. I've never done it before. I know how it's done...I've read the tutorials and all. I have the paper scraps...and then some... to make handmade paper and save a bunch of it from ending up in the landfill.
Oh, the plans brewing in my mind! I can't tell you about them yet though...cause in reality... it really is only a bunch of thinking and very little action leading me anywhere just yet. Patience is a virtue! I have tons of patience.
There are those who would say I have an over abundance of it and it occasionaly becomes an obsession... this patience of mine. I will wait 'forever' for things to happen. That's a lack of agressiveness I wish I possessed at times. Patience doesn't always pay off. Yet, :) I persist at it cause sometimes... it does pay off.

There is a little, furry, purring unit upon my desk trying to rearrange the elements. She has thoroughly messed up my pile of pens here on the desktop. Kitten has no name as of yet. She just woke from an hour's nap in the skirt of my dress. I wrap my feet around the legs of my chair and when I wear a dress, a little hammock is formed... just the right size for a kitten who can literally sit in the palm of my hand. She snoozed quit nicely! And now she's awake and ready to wreck havoc.

The weather is getting cooler and cooler as the days progress into Autumn. My hands and feet are cold these days. Need to shut up the house... close all the windows, put the A/Cs away... check the furnace...get some propane. I need to get the boys over here next weekend. I need to wash my electric blanket. I already have two blankets on my bed along with the flannel sheets. I'm a cold-blooded old girl. I won't warm back up till spring.

There are no pictures in these posts cause I haven't scanned anything new to put in these posts. I keep telling Susan to send me the pictures we took the afternoon we went out to Jerry's oil well. She says she doesn't know how to do that. She is never on her computer when I go to her house. We do very little communicating on this machine. I'm not sure I'll ever see any of those pictures unless I go over there and send them to myself in an email. I want to show you all the hills around here... show you the places I talk about. The State Lake where I take Fred swimming, the countryside...its a beautiful place where I live! Susan has those pictures. I wish my own camera would talk to this pc. But it refuses...damned machine. So, no pictures unless I scan something.

I think I have rambled on enough this morning and I am going to haul my butt to bed. Yes, that kitten and Doob will be following. I'm pretty sure Fred is warming the bed as I say my farewells.
Here's hoping Tuesday turns out to be a glorious day! There were no hugs forthcoming since the last post but I'm certain there are more forthcoming the hours ahead. Go get yours!

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John said...

Hi Donna, thanks for sharing with me about that word "gimp". Good thing I have not started practising this new word on people, though I doubt that anyone here in this part of the world knows what that means!

And wow, I just read your comment about the scanning of your computer. Phew, that is A LOT of issues solved. Thank God for that. You know, you could re-run the scanning until the issues become fewer, or at best, zero. And if you computer still runs very slowly, let me know. Perhaps it needs some tweaking to make it run faster.

Have a beautiful Thursday :)