16 September 2009

Wednesday Chatter

Granted, it is very early in the day on Wednesday! Only 1 a.m. here in the land of Kansas.
My sleep pattern dictates I sleep all day, up all night...and accomplish nothing of importance!
I've been working on my altered book again today. (That would actually be on Tuesday...I got up around 7 p.m.) I made a 4x4 page this evening as well. Nothing special. My muse has taken a hike to other regions unknown for the time being. It really does not take much talent to slap gesso on pages in a book and wait for the gesso to dry to do something on the page. Its the doing something on the page that takes the talent. That would be why I have several blank gessoed pages with no artwork on them in my altered book!
It's going. If slowly.

I have drank way too much coffee already today.

I bought some new markers the day before yesterday when Sam and I made a 9:30 p.m. run to Wally World. I opened all the markers today, put them in the marker box with the rest of my marker collection and have yet to use one of them on paper.

I cut some twinchie blanks earlier. I'm thinking on branching out to include twinchies (2x2 inch squares) in my art repetoire. I need a bigger box for my marker collection as the little tins that hold my blanks, ATC, inchie and twinchie do not fit comfortably in that box now with the additional markers added.

I found more ATCs that need scanned. They were in the ATC blank tin. I did them the night Annabel was born. I sat in the birthing suite waiting for Terah and Annabel to come out of recovery. Several hours sitting, waiting, drawing. All of those still need color added to them before I can scan them though. Perhaps I will accomplish something productive and get color on them sometime before the sun comes up? We shall see.

I also found half a dozen inchies laying atop the printer this evening. Not sure how long they have been sitting there! I didn't look at all of them, but at least one of them is not even mine! Still haven't retrieved those three inchies out of the pocket of my dress that needs washed either.

Laundry and dishes should be on the agenda, but we shall have to see if that pans out or not. I've no gumption to tackle the laundry and even less gumption to tackle that mess in the kitchen! I wish my help would come back!

I promise pictures the next time I post! ATCs, 4x4s, inchies, ect. I have yet to scan any of the pages of my altered book. Perhaps I'll scan a few of those and show you about it as well. All I've done is talk about the altered book thus far. If the scanner is still on good terms with the pc we will have pictures.

Life is kind of boring at the moment really. Nothing on the horizon to be too awfully excited about....well, except for my grandbabies. They have their whole futures ahead of them.... what I'm referring to is my own life. It seems to be going nowhere fast. I need to change that!

Thursday evening I've been invited to wach a Jr. High Volleyball game. That will be a nice diversion. I better get some laundry done before then though or I won't have anything clean to wear! I do have clear clothes, but all the usual garments are in the laundry. I'm wearing a T-shirt right now I hardly ever wear!

I'm being bombarded by a very large, psychotic moth! Sucker hit me in the middle of the forehead without warning just a second ago! He's disappeared but I'm sure he'll be back just as unexpectedly as he was here before. Stay away from my head, moth!

I haven't read any books since the last one posted to the list. Can't even remember what book that was....

Go get your hugs! I missed out on any hugs Tuesday cause I slept all day! I'm behind in hugs!

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