28 September 2009

Monday has rolled around .....again!

I did a post all about kittens not too long ago. I also stated in a post previous to the kitten post that I did not want another cat when Miss Blue passed on. Well, disregard that statement cause as I sit here making this long overdue post, there is a kitten sitting atop my right shoulder surveying her surroundings and sticking her cold wet nose in my right ear!
How, you ask, did I end up with a kitten when I vehemently did not want another cat? I'm still trying to figure that one out myself.
She doesn't even really have a name yet... Susan calls her Lola and Sam calls her Pete. RW's cat, Mama Kitty, is this kitten's mama. Sam has her sister and had her as well for a little while.
Sam said he couldn't keep her cause she refused to use the litter box all the time. She had peed on his dirty laundry apparently and he just couldn't have that. So Susan rescued the kitten and decided I needed a kitten even knowing that she has little chance of making it to adulthood out here in the country.
Doob is not a happy cat cause of the kitten. Doob tried to attack the little thing while it was sitting on top of my desk last night. Doob came from behind to swat the kitten, got me instead and didn't phase that kitten in the least! I have WOUNDS from Doob's claws! Wounds that bled profusely! That one on my elbow still hurts this morning!
Guess the kitten is here to stay though so I better come up with a name for her. I've been calling her Kid, but I call all of my critters, kid so that is not going to work. Susan will always call her Lola cause that is the name she and Linda gave the kitten when Sam brought her home from RW's house a couple weeks ago.
The kitten is quite afraid of the dog. She hisses, fluffs up her fur and side-steps that dog every time he comes near her. He acts like he doesn't even notice that little fluff of fur getting all bent out of shape. They will eventually come to terms with one another. Fred really likes kitties and this little one will come to realize that that big old dog is not going to hurt her.
Like I said, Doob is not a happy camper! Doob and Kitten both slept in my bed last night though and did so without any complaints from Doob. They even ate out of the same dish last night though Doob wasn't quite sure she liked that idea.
Billy is indifferent to the kitten. He hisses and goes on his way. The kitten gives him a wide berth and stays out of his way. She should be paying heed to Doob in that manner but she seems to delight in antagonizing Doob instead.
So, looks like I have a new addition to the family.

RW brought me another 'pet' the day before yesterday. Like I needed another one! I haven't decided just what to do with this other pet. I'm not even sure it can be properly called a pet.
This critter is living on borrowed time as it is. Winter rolls in and this critter will die regardless. That's just the way the Good Lord made her! Winter comes along and life is over!
The critter RW brought me a 4 inch long praying mantis he found somewhere in the yard. I collect insects. Dead ones. The mantis is still alive in a to-go cup that the boy brought her to me in. I know it's a female cause of her size. Males are always much smaller! It is mating season for mantids and I'm uncertain if this one has had the chance to lay her eggs yet. I'd like to have her in my collection once she dies, but do I want to put her in the freezer and make the end swift or do I want to just let her languish in that cup till the end comes? I honestly don't feel right about either of those ideas simply cause I don't know if she has laid her eggs yet or if she even had the chance to mate. Oh dilemmas!
She's a beautiful creature! Just over 4 inches in length, brownish gray on her wing covers, bright green on the rest of her. I just haven't decided yet what will be her fate. I do want her for my collection for the simple fact she is a magnificent specimen and she will die when the cold weather comes along. I'm thinking I could also keep her as a pet until she does die of natural causes. Put her in a large gallon glass jar and feed her bugs of various sorts till that time comes along. I just don't know what to do with her! Guess I'll figure that out along the way.
Everyone calls me a bug murderer cause I do have other bugs in my freezer at this very moment that met their fate at my hands. I don't know why this one is giving me such trouble deciding what to do with her. Any other bug I would have just stuck in the freezer and not worried about it! I do have to do something with her soon. She can't stay in that large cup for the rest of her life, (unless I just put her in the freezer and stop worrying about it!).

It is now about three hours after I typed the last sentence. RW and Lou showed up to spend the afternoon with me.
I had put the mantid in the freezer not more than 10 minutes before they showed up. RW asked if I had found it on my desk and I thanked him for the gift as I was taking it out of the freezer to show him I had indeed found it. It was already dead as a doorknob. It doesn't take much of a cold snap to kill a praying mantis! For that I was indeed thankful! I now have a beautiful specimen for my collection. I do hope though that she did get a chance to lay an egg sac so more mantids will be in the yard next year. I'll never know for sure....
It was good to see RW and Lou. They helped me with some chores...taking out the trash, sweeping the kitchen, ect. We sat in the livingroom for a couple hours shooting the breeze while they looked at all my inchies I've done this year.
Inchies are on my agenda for this evening. I am up to almost 700 and I'd like to get a few dozen done sometime today. I have a few dozen that need to be scanned also.
I will have to clean up the mess I've made with the envelopes before I can get to the sharpies to do inchies. Only about two dozen envies to cut, 100 or so to fold and about 200 to glue. I'll be done with making ATC envies for awhile.
I've been cutting the presentation folders up into ATC and twinchie blanks also. I'd really like to be able to empty that box of folders and start on another soon. I only 50 or so cases of them to go through. At the rate I'm going, I'll be 90 by the time I get them all cut. Gotta get busy on that!

I've not made any art in the last week or so....with exception to the stuff that needs scanned...I've been busy working on those ATC envies.
I want to do a few pages in my altered book sometime this week also.

I'm just rambling now....need to go do something productive. You all get your hugs today! I got a few already today, perhaps more are forthcoming..... don't miss out on yours!
Peace 831

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