10 October 2009

Picture Saturday, It's COLD outside and Let's Hope Not Too Much Snow Falls

Hello Good People!
It is very cold outside today. The weather gurus are predicting snow for today. It is about 30 degrees out there with the wind blowing like crazy so it feels much colder than that....the skies are gray, cloud covered and it is spitting freezing rain as I type this post. So, looks like winter has arrived to NW Kansas along with other areas of the Plains States. I heard earlier this morning that it was snowing big time in Nebraska. I live less than 40 miles from the Nebraska border.
I couldn't keep that stupid Billy cat in the house. He stood at the back door meowing his fool head off cause he wanted out! He sits there and hollers what hears like OUT and no amount of talking to that stubborn cat would change his mind.
A van pulled into the driveway and then promptly pulled out of the drive and the dog wents nuts cause that is his job to monitor the traffic in and out of the driveway. The van was just turning around. Folks do it all the time...no biggie. The dog wanted out though to see just what was going on out there and that stupid cat beat the dog out the door before I had a chance to nab his hide to make him stay in the house! It was for his own good that I wanted him to stay in the house.... it's danged cold out there! It's quite warm in the house. Billy will be wanting in again before the day is done.
I don't recall just how much snow the weather gurus are expecting from this front moving through the area.....1 - 2 inches I think is what they said last night. I haven't checked the weather forecast for today. I can look out my window and see it is doing something out there! And that thin sheet of ice all over the porches tells me it is cold as the dickens out there!
I intend to keep close to home today~! I have no intention of going anywhere that I don't have to go to.
I am going to make art all day and do some laundry. There is a Zentangle-a-thon going on over at atcsforall.com (the link is up on the left hand of the sidebar). I unburied my marker box and have been playing with them for hours while the normal folks of the world slept.
I did get around to scanning some of the art that was in that little basket on top of the printer. There are still more twinchies and inchies that will be scanned sometime today when I scan the art I will make throughout the weekend. I may make more inchies this weekend as well.

Twinchies are a new endeavor for me. The two fishes below are the first inchies I ever made! I love the size of the canvas.... bigger than an inchie but not quite as large as an ATC, yet it is amazing all that can be put on a twinchie (2 x 2 inches square). Enjoy!
Yellow Fish School / Orange Toothed Fish

Yellow Chick / Fall Leaf Zentangle

Tennis Anyone? / Flaming Tennis Ball

Blue Zentangle / Blue Plant
The following are ATCs made for the Zentangle-a-thon this weekend.
Green Leaves Zentangle

Cupcake Zentangle

Eye Leaf Zentangle

Annabel's Celebration
This one was drawn on the day Annabel was born but colored this weekend.
My arm is much better today. The infection hit its zenith the day before yesterday and it has all been downhill since then. It is still painful but tolerable. Thanks for the concerns!
The last sentence was typed about an hour and a half ago...I've been out in the cold wind to see my sister next door. Her mother in law passed away this morning. Rose was a nice lady. I always liked her. She was 77?. I'm not certain of her exact age...somewhere around there though.
It is a bitter cold day. That north wind is whipping up the tiny little ice balls falling from that gray sky. There were many many more of those little ice balls...no bigger than the period at the end of a sentence....when I walked out my back door to head across the backyard. There was freezing rain falling this morning so everything has a nice fine icing. Not much ice, thankfully. Ice storm is a whole other creature than what's out there right now....it's just very very cold. It shouldn't be this cold this early in the year. Weather is a fickle thing.....
I have scanned all the art in the basket on the printer. I'm going to close this one out and start a new one with the rest of the art.
See ya in the next post!

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