10 October 2009

That Stupid Cat Came Inside, More Art and Something Else, I'm Sure

That danged fool cat Billy decided it was a good idea to come inside afterall. I was headed out the back door on my way next door earlier and he came out from under the house wanting back in the house! He's now fast asleep on my bed.

I had a lot of art to scan in that little basket. (And making more that will need to be scanned before Monday.)
We might as well just get on with it.

Tiger In Chaos

Smoke Signals
This one was inspired by 1940s graphic art on advertising. One very similar to this one was for cigarettes of one kind or another. There was all kinds of inspiration on that website. I wish I had saved it to my favorites...

Pink Bird Migration
You'll see this cool bird on some inchies here in a bit too.We have 1940s advertising graphics to thank for this one as well.

Midnight Moon
And again, 1940s advertising graphics.

Love Grows Everywhere
I drew this one the night Annabel was born (13 August 09). I gave it some color a couple weeks ago.

Leaf Decay
Don't ask me where that title came from. That's what I had written on the back of it when I drew it back in August. I can't be held responsible for the titles. I sometimes think I can't be held resposible for the pictures either! I blame all of it on my muse!
Once again I forgot to note how many inchies the counter on the upper left sidebar says there are....I'll update it when I get done with this post.
I drew both of the cats this afternoon. I was three inchies short of a dozen. I also drew the cupcake far right top row today. My favorite of this dozen is a toss up between the cat on the top row and the apple beginning the second row.

I did a whole dozen apples but I didn't separate them when the scanning commenced. They look pretty cool all together. Sorry you all didn't get to see that....
My favorite in this dozen is the apple on the top row.

OK, I lied. There are actually 14 apples here. I honestly thought there were only a dozen of them....My favorite is the apple core. I still need about 50 cats in order to frame only kitties in a set of 100.

And last, but not least....twinchies. The frogs are the first two twinchies I ever did. The one on the left is my first. I thought they had to match in pairs in some sort of way. The star doesn't have a mate. My understanding is that twinchies are traded in sets of two. I'm just beginning to play around with twinchies and I do like the size of the canvas!
That's all the art till probably tomorrow.
I really should get some sleep pretty soon.... I've been up since about 6pm on Friday. It is now 2:45 pm on Saturday. I better wait till the dog asks to be let in before I head to bed though. Evelyn just arrived to give him a bone. Why on earth she wanted to come out in that nasty cold weather to give that fool dog a biscuit is quite beyond me! She could have called on the phone and said, "Donna, give Fred a bone." I would have gladly done so.
Guess you all get the pleasure of listening to me babble on till the dog comes home. Better than having to wait till the cows come home!
I brought a book home from Sam's house last night. A murder mystery. Can't remember the name of it. James Patterson wrote it. I haven't started it yet. Just cause the reading goal has been met does not mean I am done reading for the year! I will slow down somewhat cause I am behind on my inchie goal. So close to being on schedule though! Next scanning session there will be another dozen to scan.
Sammy kicked ass at Dr. Mario last night. We suck at that game! lol The pair of us! I do like hanging out with Sammy though.

The dog has asked to be let back in. He's now laying on the floor behind my chair, chewing on his toenails. His feet itch from the mange... nothing I can do about the itching that I know of. Running around on the frozen ice covered ground probably didn't help his toes any either...
Lola Kid and Doob are telling me it is bedtime! I can't argue with them cause they are right. I shall yap at you all soon.
Go get your Saturday hugs!


John said...

Hi Donna, since twinchies are new for you, do they count towards your inchies goal? So that mean 2 inchies for every twinchies?

Donna said...

Hi John,
No, the twinchies do not count towards my goal of 1000 inchies. Twinchies are a whole nother critter from inchies.

Inchies are 1 inch square.
Twinchies are 2 inches square.

I have no goal set as to how many twinchies I want to make. Perhaps 2010 I will set a goal with the twinchies. I have enough on my plate trying to meet the inchie goal this year! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!