08 October 2009

Reading Goal Met! and Some Crazy Weather!

No pictures yet. I WILL get around to scanning something this evening.

I have met my goal of reading 50 books this year! Yeah!!!! Now, if I could get my butt in gear and make the goal of 1000 inchies this year, I'll be doing fantastic! If that is to happen, I really have to get busy on it!

The weather gurus are talking about snow for Saturday. SNOW! In early October! It's crazy!
The temps dropped to the lower 50s today and are not expected to rise anytime soon. I have put the electric blanket on the bed to keep warm. I'm not ready to fire up the furnace just yet...perhaps next week...once it gets down to 'really cold' out there, yeah, I'll fire it up! I'm very low on propane at the moment and I don't want the furnace sucking it down like koolaid. I won't freeze~! I have the electric blanket and the radiator heater that heats a small space at a time. Sit that sucker by my desk and I'll be alright! Bundle up in layers....
Ma is going tomorrow to take care of the propane.

I have been on another sleeping jag. Eleven hours today. I had to 'fight' with three cats for space on my own bed! That danged Billy thinks he can sleep in the very center of the bed atop the blankets--I sleep in the center of the bed! Doob was certain I needed her to keep my left side warm. That fat critter squished me! I made her move numerous times during sleep. The little one doesn't really take up a lot of room and I don't even notice her really except when she sticks her nose in my face and tickles me with her whiskers. She likes to sleep under the blankets.

Got repair people coming in the morning to fix the stove in the kitchen. I really didn't think they'd get on it that quick! Guess it is rather serious though...a gas leak and all.

I have some cutting of folders to do this evening. Need to keep up with that endeavor as well as cutting inchies. I'm about out of those and need them for the goal. Got plenty of twinchies for the time being.
I really need to do some scanning also. You all haven't seen anything I've made for weeks.

I really don't have much of importance to talk about today so I'll stop rambling and let you all get on with whatever it is you need to get on with!
Have a Fabulous Friday!
Go get some hugs! Give a few smiles while you're at it!
Be good to one another!

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John said...

Congrats on your reading goal met! I rejoice together with you on this achievement :)

I'm very sure you can meet the inchies goal too!