01 October 2009

A Windy Thursday, More Cat Wounds and the Trees are Turning Colors!

The wind is whipping the trees this afternoon. Gale force out there! Not sure just how fast the wind is blowing but it is a good thing the temperature isn't too chilly. I have got to call RJ and RW and get them out here to take the A/C out of the deskroom window so I can close that window!
I've yet to go outside today. Truth be known I just climbed my butt out of bed. I'd still be asleep but that demon kitten attacked me while I was trying to sleep! I have more wounds (and yep, they bled!) from a deranged cat! This time the little one got me. She didn't do it to be mean, she was just trying not to fall off the bed and grabbed ahold of my left thumb with claws extended and now I have two nice claw stripes on the heel of my hand. They match the claw stripe from Doob on my right hand!
RW is taking the kitten off my hands. I'm hoping to see him sometime today. He accidentally ran over their kitten, Junior the day before yesterday. The kids were all up in arms about it...not happy little campers...and I told RW after he'd called about the kitten, that 'yes, you can have her! Come get her!'
I haven't seen Billy since the day before yesterday. It isn't unusual for Billy to go missing for a day or two though so I'm not really too worried about his feline hide. He will show up when he gets hungry. I do need to go check in the burned house to see if he's out there but it's doubtful he is out there cause he can come and go from the burned house as he pleases. RJ fixed it so he could get in there and then get out as well.
Fred is fine. He now has medicine for the balding. Vet says he has mange. We got some medicine for it. Lou is to be thanked for that! She took it upon herself to go see the vet and discuss Fred's balding belly. Thanks Lou!
I simply didn't have the money to take Fred to the vet. RW and Lou don't really have the money either, but Lou thought this important enough to find the money. She's a good kid!
Fred will take the meds once a week for 5 weeks and the doc says he will be good as new after that. He seems to sleep a lot more since I gave him his first dose. But other than that, he's fine. Still as goofy as he ever was.

I noticed yesterday when I was looking out the back door that the trees are turning colors. It is about that time of year.... the virginia creeper vine on the fence of the pen at Susan's house is now bright red with dark purple berries on it. Very pretty and very much reminding me that winter is right around the corner!

I know nothing new ....least not yet for the day.
If something comes up, I'll be back to tell you all about it!
Get your hugs!

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