15 October 2009

Thursday Art

Not much happening in my world. The sun finally came out today. I opted out of going to Rose's funeral. I've no good reason for that except that I did not want to go.
I've been making art today. Doing laundry and just lazing around the house.
Onward to art.

These 2 kitty twinchies are headed to Florida as soon as I get them in an envelope and on their way. I made both this morning. Markers on recycled cardstock.
These inchies give me a grand total of 666 inches. I have another half dozen in the little basket ready for scanning along with two more ATCs that I have done today after I did all my scanning this morning.The Outlaying Cliffs
Markers on recycled cardstock. This one was done a few days ago.

Markers on recycled cardstock. I saw a swap on AFA for poppies and thought I might join it, but I ran out of steam for poppies after 2 ATCs of them so I didn't enter the swap but the poppies are up for trade.
Markers on recycled cardstock. I went on a giraffe kick. I need to send these guys to the million giraffe project. I'm not entirely certain just what the One Million Giraffe Project is all about. My understanding is that someone is trying to collect 1,000,000 giraffes. If I had a project going like that, I'd want some help with it.
Opera Mouse
Markers on recycled cardstock. This one was named by Susan. She said he looked like he was singing opera, so there ya go!
On The Wall
Markers on recycled cardstock. Learned a lesson about my markers with this one. That smearing is a result of the Oxford technical pen not liking a Sharpie pen. I won't use the pair in this manner again. This giraffe was inspired from an online catalog for swimming pool murals.
Another giraffe. Markers on recycled cardstock.
Pink Poppy
Markers on recycled cardstock.
Markers on recycled cardstock.
That's all the art you are getting for the day from me. I'll be scanning again before too long. The muse seems to be in residence. I even wrote a poem yesterday. That ain't happened in a long time. I've been drawing up a storm as well!
I've a purple chunky page to make later today.
I'm out of here for now though cause I have laundry to fold, a bed to make and I am a hungry bear!
Get your hugs! They are so important!!!!
Throw a few smiles out into the world today as well!

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John said...

One million giraffes! Oh my...