08 June 2010

Fish Picture 3 Progress as of 8 June 2010

If these pictures will go into this post like I want them to, you'll get to see the progress in chronological order but if these pictures take on a mind of their own and just go in nilly willy...who knows what kind of order they'll be in!

My messy workstation.

Here is the canvas laying on top of my light table (aka the catchall) after I added a few things to the rocks and another gray colored seaweed plant. Those gray seaweeds are crocheted cotton string. The stuff added to the rocks is ironed purple easter grass that was first put on the lower third of this canvas and painted with red glitter paint. I didn't like it on the canvas so I cut off as much of it as I could and put it aside, thinking it might be handy for some other element on this picture. I painted the ironed easter grass (that was riddled with flecks of glue and red glitter) a metallic olive green color with acrylic paint. Leaving it purple, it just disappeared on the canvas!

Here is a close up of the right hand side of the canvas while it was laying flat on the light table. You can see the purple easter grass..that piece has no glue, glitter or paint on it. There are a couple of pieces of easter grass that aren't painted at all. The stuff with the glitter and glue in it was almost the same color as the blue section along the lower part of the canvas and it did disappear!  I've added a couple of the fan corals to the edge and put more fish on the canvas as well.

This is how it looks now as it's drying. When it is done, I'll take it outside and take a picture of it in daylight. I think that will give you a better idea of the colors. The flash messes them up something fierce!
In this shot all of the fishes have been placed, all of the fan corals are in place and tomorrow when I hit it again, there will be more corals and little sea creatures in and among the corals and sea plants.

Close up of lower right hand side of canvas.
The white stuff in the center of this picture is wet tacky glue. It will dry clear. I always get in a big hurry and don't wait till the glue dries clear to take pictures.

Close up of lower left hand side of canvas.

These are a few more elements for the fish picture 3 that will be added tomorrow along with things you all have already seen. Those beads I crocheted onto copper wire might or might not be added to the canvas. They kinda go along with everything else and then they kinda don't. Will have to play around with placing them on the canvas and seeing where it leads.

I will be crocheting more copper wire this evening still to make some more fan corals. The copperwire fan corals I already made are on the canvas but they're hard to see as the seaweeds and a fish or two are on top of them.
Tune in tomorrow for another update.
Perhaps tomorrow the canvas will be completed? Anything is possible!

Go get your hugs! You know you want some! You know you need some and you know you'd love as many as you can possibly get!
Be good to one another! It matters!

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