07 June 2010

fish picture 3 progress

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with these pictures but they aren't coming out in the order in which I'd like them to come out. Nothing to do about it today though. My pea brain ain't up to that task this evening!
Progress has been made on the Fish Picture 3. Still a long ways to go before it is completed though. My plan is to have this done by the middle of August so I can enter it in the County Fair. We shall see just how that works out though!

Green Sea Urchins made with fishing line (aka monofilament), green glitter paint and gold dimensional paint. These guys are smaller than the rose colored ones I showed you all a few posts back. I don't remember just how the first ones were made but these guys have a tighter weave to them than the first did. Except for the biggest one in this picture. I used a larger hook to make it. I still need a few more of these guys and they probably won't look a heck of a lot like these guys. Bout the same as these guys don't look a heck of a lot like the first ones. I don't have a pattern for the sea urchins, I just take up the hook and the line and start crocheting! These aren't really all that fun to crochet if truth be known. It's rather fun to paint them though!

Close up of mid canvas. The glue is still wet on the grey sea weed. I think I'll add some little pearls to this seaweed before it's all said and done. Haven't decided on that just yet. My fishes kinda disappeared on that background...

Close up of right hand side of canvas. The flash and all that glitter on the canvas don't go together too well. The flash changes the colors from what they really look like. Least on my monitor the colors are not right.

This is the entire canvas taken without flash. Only daylight and the three lamps in this room for light. This color is truer than the flash pictures are.
The rocks along the bottom of the canvas shouldn't be there yet...I jumped the gun on those. Should have waited...can't take them off though so will have to work around them. All in all I'm pleased with it so far.
There will be more things added before the day is out and I'll do another progress post in a few days.
Yes, coming along nicely.

Have a happy Tuesday. Monday's almost gone!

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soulbrush said...

love da fishies, and hey that's you ! yahooo!