28 September 2008

It's a slow, slow Sunday

This ATC here at the front of this post is called 'At The Window'. I did it for the September Challenge over at ATCsforall.com. I'm pretty sure it hasn't a chinaman's chance of winning but that's perfectly OK with me cause it ain't by any means the cream of the crop of entries into that challenge. Go on over to ATCsforall.com and check it out. There's a link to the site in the sidebar over there <. You will be treated to some awesome art by some awesome artists! I promise!
I've been working on two little books today. One of them is done and the other is yet to be put together but its artwork is done. I was going to put those two little books in my MIB but they won't fit! Change of plan, I guess! :) No biggie though. It was not time wasted. I'm now two books closer to my goal for Christmas presents.
The MIBs went together quite nicely. I hope the recipients like all the goodies found in the two bottles that are ready for the post office tomorrow. I had fun putting them together.
I am waiting on two ATCs to dry so I can seal them, then scan them after they dry again. That makes four ATCs done in the last two days. I'll show them to you another time.
I'm gathering things for the Christmas Chunky Pages Swap I am in. Once I get started on them, they will go quickly! I'm thinking I might make many more pages for that swap than is actually needed and make a Christmas Chunky Book for my sister Elaine for Christmas. That's right up her alley!
I had to take a break about two hours ago cause I was shaking like a leaf! I checked my blood sugars and they were way low...that's never happened before. It was a bit scary! Susan helped me out on what to do about that though and now I'm good as new and the BSs are up in the normal range again. Who would have thunk a peanutbutter sandwich could work miracles?
Here in a bit I'm putting together a 'kit' of sorts to take to town tomorrow night so my little girl friends and I can do some collaging while their mom and dad are off bowling. Allison said she thought she would like that. I'm thinking Halloween dodads and such. Beings it's already pretty much all in the same spot already.
I'll share a poem with you today since I've not done that recently. All this poetry you're reading is old stuff I've written cause the poetry muse ain't been showing her pretty head for months now! Do enjoy!
Love is foolish... Therefore let me be a blooming idiot!
Love, indeed is a foolish thing.
Offering colors in return for grays.
Vanity comes in many fashions.
Everyone knows that.
I like to think of love as an inanimate object we
somehow magically bring to life.
Fools indeed have better sense.
Only because they know how to live.
Only because they dare to live!
Love, it is indeed a foolish thing,
I hope to have it always.
Sadness would prevail if not.
Hands need hands for holding.
Taking love for love's own sake
hinders the way a person usually thinks.
Eternity is for as long as it lasts.
Remember that when loves come passed.
Everyone craves the feeling to be.
Foolish ones find it feels grand.
Only those who have held it can truly understand.
Read what it says in the eyes you look into,
each word written is for you.
Living one's life from day to day without
everything one needs to smile, puts burdens on a heart
tingling with love.
Maybe I'm a coward cause I don't love like this.
Everyone finds what it is they need.
Battering the heart because the ship's caught in a net
ends with a heart bruised.
After you have known love, only love will do.
Behind masks we're forced to wear
lives the soul of a love gone to sleep.
Open the door, let the sun shine in.
Open the lips, beam once again.
Meet me at the diner for a burger and fries
I need to see your eyes smile.
Now that you know love is in the air,
Go for it! It might not come again.
I have let that fleeting dove fly away,
damning myself later on the way.
I had it all and it went to another.
Over the hills I wander,
trudging idiots discover love.

I'm not sure when I wrote this one. 2003 perhaps? Been a few years back though.
I'll come yak at you all another day, share a few pictures, maybe some more poetry and a bit of chatter for sure. You all have a beautiful day!

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