30 September 2008

Tuesday Has Arrived!

Not that there is anything special about this Tuesday... but here it is, come what may!
I slept for half of Tuesday already. To bed and asleep by 10:30 last night and didn't get up till noon today. It is one of three things causing all that sleep: 1.) I'm just a lazy bastard and like to sleep. 2.) My hemocrit numbers are way the hell up there in the 50s and my old body says, "Let's just sleep so we don't have to deal with this feeling of lethargy." or 3.) The drugs are taking their toll. I've analyzed all three of those scenarios and only two of them make total sense. I really am lazy some days, but not this lazy that I must sleep for fourteen hours straight! The hemocrit numbers might be high. I don't know this for certain cause I haven't heard back from the doc about what the blood tests had to say about that. And the drugs have been in my system for months and didn't have this effect on me. (Drugs beings those prescribed by the doctor). I really don't know what is up on that front to be honest with you. All I know is I feel like crap! Have no energy, the headaches are much more noticable than they have been in a long time, and all I want to do is sleep. Doc Genny says it is the fibro doing this number on me. She is right in a sense...but it's also the polycythemia vera as well. The hemocrit numbers get high and my blood is too thick which affects the fibro and makes it worse. I can't win for losing with those two diseases on board. Then throw in the diabetes as well and we have ourselves a party that we don't really want to attend but we have no choice but to attend cause it's happening right in our own yard. My blood sugars are out of whack big time. Don't know what is up with that either! They went down to 77 yesterday. I was shaking like a leaf in a tornado. That had never happend before. I ate a peanutbutter sandwich and drank a glass of milk and I was fine. Then when I got up today I made some coffee, had one cup and remembered I hadn't taken my BSs. That cup of coffee had some non-fat creamer in it. One cup, that's all I had before I got out the meter. Blood Sugars were at 250. They are seldom that high. Seldom over 140.
I want a new body. This one is broken! I can wish, can't I? Enough about that! I'm tired of thinking about it!

Ma brought me a cool bug this morning while I was still asleep. He's a praying mantis. She thought he was pretty cool cause he's not green like she thinks they should be. He's a mottled brown color to blend in with the tree bark he usually lives on. I'm not sure just where she caught this fella .... somewhere in her yard. She put his hide in the freezer. She also brought me a new shelf for my bedroom while I was sleeping. I saw her over there putting that shelf on top of my dresser though. I said to the cat, "Oh, it's Ma making all that racket!" Ma didn't hear me say that apparently cause she went right on arranging that shelf on top the dresser. I went back to sleep. Doob (cat) did the same.
And now it's a little after 2 in the afternoon. I've accomplished nothing but drink two cups of coffee and am half way through the third cup. I've done one ATC this morning for the challenge over at AFA for the zentangle group. I picked up the mess one of those critters made in my deskroom last night. I'm thinking it was Billy cause he was nosing around in the closet earlier. There were ATCs blanks all over the floor cause somebody was up on top of the PC tower during the night and they knocked all that stuff on the floor. There was more than just ATC blanks on the floor! Much more!
I have a bunch of ATCs to scan today sometime. I ain't in a big hurry to do that!
I'm going to start on my Christmas Chunky Pages today. Get everything in one spot, cut the blanks, etc.
The girls and I didn't do any cards last night. I forgot to take the stuff with me and they had gone to the football game anyway and that didn't leave us much time for anything too creative. I'll take the kits with me next Monday and we shall see what we can come up with. I'd like for them to make me a page or two for my Halloween Chunky Book. That would be really cool to have their pages in with the other pages I'll be getting back from the swap. My sister Susan is going to make me a Halloween page for the book also.
No pictures today and no poetry either. I just don't feel up to it. So, I guess what you've gotten is a lot of whining and not much more. I'll try to keep that whining to a minimum cause it really does no good at all for the situation!
I'm off to the post office and the grocery store. Have envies that need mailed and I need some food for the cupboards!
You all have a terrific Tuesday. I'll make the best of mine!

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