23 September 2008

Still September but fall is in the air!

witches front

witches back

scream front

scream back

werewolf front

werewolf back

owl front

owl back

skull front

skull back

moon tree front

moon tree back

pumpkin front

pumpkin back

bat front

bat back

headless horseman front

headless horseman back

And as usual I'm dingy as a bat some days! I forgot how the pictures work! So pay no attention to the commentary saying I will show you these later as you've already seen them. Enjoy!
We will not be adding any ATCs today as I had stated we would cause this post is quite long enough already and I really don't want to bore my potential readers. I've still no clue if I am actually just talking to myself or not! Leave me a comment, please, if you are indeed reading this rambling! Thank you, thank you!

It was raining when I woke up this morning at six. I went outside to make sure my van windows were rolled up. I don't know why I can't remember if I've closed them or not. They were shut up tight and I went back to bed for three hours. Last few times it has rained I've gone out in the dead of night or the early morning hours to check to make sure they were closed and they have been. But I've also learned that when you don't close those windows when the skies open up, you'll have a wet seat to deal with later!

I've accomplished much in the art arena in the last few days. Those Halloween Chunky pages went postal yesterday as well as the Zentangles ATCs and a few single ATCs. I'll show you the Halloween Chunkies later in this post.

Halloween ATCs are on my agenda for today. A trip to the library is also on the agenda. I need to get pictures of those three cats printed. I need to get those three cats painted! I also have a tiger face to paint on an ATC in trade for an elephant ATC.

I finished the book, "Massacre at Fall Creek" this morning. I tried to finish it last night before I fell asleep but 2 a.m. rolled around and my old eyeballs wanted cover so I shut off the light and gave them just that! Took me three days to read it. Written by Jesamyn West. Excellent book if you like historical novels. Which I do. It is a fictionalized story about the first trial of white men accused of murdering Indians. It takes place in the year 1824 in Ohio. I believe this makes book #42 for the year thus far. I'll start another either later today or tomorrow. I've no clue just what book that may be. I've hundreds to choose from in this house.

The smell of newsprint wafted to my nostrils as I made my way across the highway back to the house after retrieving the mail this morning. Tuesdays bring newspapers in the big black box on the other side of Highway 24. I never read those free papers that come. One is a publication advertising things folks have for sale and such. The other is a free version from the Hays Daily that is filled with nothing but advertisements. Both of those lovely publications are not simply thrown away though. Stella and Annie delight in the smell of newsprint when I tear those papers into nice long strips for the rats to burrow through and make a new home in their condo/cage. The mail didn't offer up much this morning...the phone bill (that was a shocker! I thought I paid that thing last month!), an envelope from the Sierra Club that offered up many things to go in the morgue for artwork later on down the line. There were offers for three more magazines, two of them renewals that I will not honor. I get way too many magazines as it is. I added to my sticker stash from today's mail in the form a calendar strip, some happy faces, a YES sticker for one of the magazine subscriptions, and three mailing labels from another offer that came today.

The new Smithsonian Magazine arrived with Stone Henge on the cover. I'll devour it later today. Just last night Susan was telling me about a show she had watched on Stone Henge. I'm anxious to read of the new discoveries they've unearthed there.

There are now five magazines that need a good reading and gone through to collect images for the morgue and to use in my artwork. I pass on the Smithsonian to my family to read instead of cutting it up. Fast Company has been there since Friday. It usually offers up something useful for the morgue and it is a fascinating look at up and coming young people in the business of business. I also love the paper it's printed on. I guess one of those so-called magazines is really a catalog...I'll go through it and get what is useful for the morgue. There is a picture of a woman holding a giant stretched out dollar bill that caused me to save that catalog in the first place.

I went through the mail just as soon as I brought it in the house. I'd like to make that a habit from now on. I'm terrible about letting the mail pile up before I even really take a look at it. I dig out the envelopes that are hand addressed and that is about it. I know those hand addressed ones hold artwork and that must be opened immediately. Must be cause I can't just let art sit on the livingroom desk without taking a peek at it, now can I? Unfortunately, there were no such envelopes this morning! I not only went through the mail, but I actually filed all the things I saved from the mail for the morgue. Perhaps one day I really will be organized! I won't hold my breath though, I know me! I backslide often...

Yesterday offered a walk around the yard. I checked on the fish in the pond. Didn't see them. I'm hoping those three goldfish are still in there! They may have been hiding under the water hyacinth plants or the frogs have had them for lunch. At any rate, they dispersed with all the mosquito larvae that were there when they were put in the pond and that was the reason for them being there, that, and I happen to like goldfish! The fishes in the horsetank behind the garage, which were put there to eat the mosquitos as well are doing quite fine, growing like weeds in their crystal clear water with more water hyacinths to keep them company. All three of them still safe and sound. The frogs can't get into the horse tank like they can and do in the pond.

Pokeweed was found out in the back forty next door when I went out there to check out the apple tree I didn't even know was there! There are two pear trees out there as well. They are on Susan's property but she said, "help yourself" even though I have two pear trees of my own that are full of pears, rotting on the tree, there are so many of them. While out there I discovered, much to my delight that we have ourselves a very nice stand of pokeweed! And had I known there was pokeweed out there, I would have harvested the shoots way back in the spring before they got too big to eat. I collected quite a number of berries from the pokeweed though and proceeded to make some pokeberry ink. It's a lovely shade of deep fuschia. I'll share my creations made with it when I actually do some drawing with it. It is in the refrigerator right now. The seeds from those berries are planted already, in anticipation of next spring. There are some planted by the propane tank out in the front yard and ten times that many planted along the wooden fence that hides the patio. Not only is pokeweed a tasty morsel in the form of the shoots (I've heard you can eat the leaves too but they must be cooked long and the water changed at least three times to get rid of the toxicity), the berries make lovely ink and the plants themselves are quite handsome. They should be a nice addition to the foilage in the front yard. No one wants to mow around that ugly propane tank anyway. And the pokeweed will help to keep the tank cool in the summer with their shade. Sure don't want that thing getting too hot! Kerpow! Nope! Sure don't want that!!! The propane tank is WAY TOO CLOSE to the house to have it exploding! Not that there's really a big chance of that happening since the trees shade the propane tank anyway.

A trip to the trailer house shed in the backyard did not produce the large red rug I know is out there! There is just too much stuff there to be able to find the rug! And I so wanted to put it in the livingroom with the new sofa and overstuffed chair that are going to clash quite badly, I'm afraid, with the hunter green carpet that is throughout this house! I had hoped to put the red rug on the floor to compliment the red sofa and chair but we may have to put that off till the rug can be located out there. When that will be, I've not a clue!

Dinner is now over and the laundry still needs done sometime before the sun sets for the day. I think two loads will be easy to accomplish before that happens. The dog is asleep on the livingroom floor because I've taken up residence on what he deems to be HIS SOFA. I'll give it back to him later! If I don't close this out soon, I will ramble on forever. So, here are the Halloween Chunky pages I said I would show you, along with an ATC or two. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful Day!

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