24 September 2008

Message In A Bottle

Today is shaping up to be a stellar day! I got home from a roadtrip about 9:30 this morning. Checked the mail to find swap returns and a message in a bottle along with a gemstone catalog and a pc of junk mail. (How'd I get so lucky not to get a bill?) As I was headed back to the house from the mailbox, both of my sons showed up. Nothing like getting hugs first thing in the morning!

I knew the Asian Inchies were due to arrive any day. I haven't yet opened that envelope but will do so shortly.

The Message In A Bottle was a total surprise! I knew one would show up some day, but I wasn't expecting it today! What fun! It came from a girl in Wichita, KS. In it were the items shown in the two pictures above! What fun, indeed! You all can see what is there, no need to tell you everything the bottle contained. I will tell you though that in the pic on the right above, that is a 4 x 4 page without any danglies. I love it! There's also a paper napkin and a pc of patterned paper. I absolutely love the mulberry paper! (It's in the first picture.) That is some really cool stuff!
My plan for this bottle of goodness is to use all the bits and pcs in my artwork, possibly to use ONLY what was recieved in the bottle on at least one ATC. We will see what happens there though. Plans don't always go accordingly.
Now I'm to send two bottles out to two of the folks I have addresses for. Guess I'll be making two little blank books to put into those bottles along with a lot of other goodies.
Up on the left side bar you'll see a link called Go Make Something. Go check it out! That is where you'll find out how to get your own message in a bottle!
And to think this won't be the ONLY bottle I'll get in the mail! This is just too exciting!

The dog was missing when I came home this morning. He apparently just wasn't paying attention and didn't see or hear me come pulling into the drive. He was next door guarding the neighbor's house. I hollered out the backdoor for him and he came barrelling across the field that separates my house from my sister's house. Yep, sis is the neighbor! He ran right by the back door and clunked his way in through the front door! Now that dog won't let me out of his sight!

The boys are out back sorting junk to take to the scrap yard later today. RW wants something to eat so as soon as I'm done here, I'll go cook something. Can't let the boy go hungry! I'm sure RJ would eat something too if I fixed it.

Ma called a few minutes ago and looks like I will be going out to lunch with her, Linda and Susan. I probably ought to change my clothes for that. I'll go to the library later in Plainville when I get done with my ass chewing from the doctor over there. I blew off the last two appointments I had with her and she's none too happy with me about it. Can't say I blame her for that though. She's trying to keep me healthy and I really ain't helping the situation by blowing off the appointments. So I'm going to be a good girl today and go see the doc, let the vampires take some blood and hope those hemocrit numbers aren't out of control as badly as I feel they are! Yes, yes, I know that when you know something's out of whack you really should keep your appointments! I'm trying to get it all together again. But right now, I'm going to go cook something for those boys and get on with my day!
You all have a fantastic day! I know mine's gonna turn out well!

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Cafe Artiste said...

Hi Donna ~ I'm glad you enjoyed my MIB to you and thanks for taking the time to post about it!

I see from your other posts that you have already started creating Halloween art -- and very good Halloween art, I might add. Very fun!

I'm glad, because I tried to make my MIBs this month have a mostly Halloween theme.

Glad also to meet another "Kansas Girl."