13 September 2008

Saturday is a day to sleep apparently

I'd say good morning, but it's almost tomorrow and morning is long gone! I was heading to sleep hours after the sun came up this morning.

I'm working on my Halloween Chunky pages again tonight. I did that last night as well. There are four fronts completed now and one still dryng. I haven't decided if there will be only four or if I'll end up doing eight of them. Eight would make a nice little book. Four would mean more artwork would need done to make a book for Halloween. The five I have started are all different pages. I really like the witches in the cauldron. It's cutesy...Halloweenie! One is a collage of the headless horseman and some skulls. The other four are all acrylic paintings out of my imagination with help of some visuals to get things right. The witches are a stolen idea from a halloween greeting card. Mine doesn't look like the card though. Not really. There's an owl in front of a full moon and a bat flying in front of a full moon as well. Full moons seemed to be in my brain last night for some reason. The fifth one is kinda of like that painting The Scream, can't remember who did that painting... but it really doesn't look anything like that painting either. I painted all five of them with my fingers and very little brush work except for the witches and the cauldron. I'll show you all the Halloween Chunky pages when they are all done and I'm ready to send them off to wherever it they are going... Texas? Not sure. I'd have to look at my notes to know exactly where they are going.

While I have the acrylics out and the painting table set up for painting, I'll be working on those three cat portraits as well. Come Monday that is. I need to go to the library and retrieve the emails I sent to myself with the photographs of those three cats. My printer is being a pain in the ass about talking to the PC so I have to print them out at the library and pay 15 cents a piece for doing so. I guess it's worth 45 cents to have those three cats in the morgue with the rest of the cats there.

The polycythemia is kicking my butt this week. Only took me awhile to figure out why I'm sleeping like a dead man. Sleeping more hours than is normal for me, which is a lot to begin with! My hemocrit numbers are out of control and I'm in need of a blood letting a.k.a. phlebotomy.

I discovered Zuma on GameFish the day before yesterday and have played it for hours and hours. Good game. If you've not played it before go check it out.

I told you all about the bottle in the mail couple of posts back. I sent my sister, Jeanny a message in a bottle through the post office. She called me up and said, "Don't send me any more bottles in the mail!" Apparently she was perplexed about finding a bottle sitting atop her mailbox when she arrived home from work the day it arrived. She couldn't figure out how the hell to get into it for one thing. LOL I said to her on the telephone when she had called to complain, "All you got to do is cut the top of it off." She said she tried cutting the bottom of the bottle off. What a mess of a girl that one is! I'm expecting skeletons in the mail from her in the next week or so to use on my chunky pages. There is no way she will send them in anything but an envelope or a box. I'm not sure if these skeletons are flat or 3D. I'll know that when they end up in my mailbox.

Your picture for the day is a painting I did in alcohol inks back in 2000 or so. I no longer have the actual painting. No one else does either. It burned to ashes in the house fire.
And here is your poem for the day:

A Room Of Yellow
I was chosen
from the line at will
when he walked
into my space.
A stranger who appeared
from out of the blue
into a room of yellow.

His eyes shone.
His smile was bright.
He exuded gladness and
those good things
that can come so
readily in life.

Living became a sunny day,
storms on the horizon.
Those eyes held so much promise,
his hands were always gentle.
From touches came companionship
leading to depths yet explored.
A journey eternally long,
ended one cold winter hour.
Icy, were the looks traded.
Nothing good to come about.

Oh, the smiles were there,
directed at others.
Refused between two.

I see those gentle hands
from across the expanse
that keeps his touch from me.
I watch his face in moments spent
in limbo between then and now.
Dread appears and
blocks out all the sun that used to shine.

Those eyes once sparkling,
now encompass the dimming of the day.
What shall tomorrow hold?
His hands are limp,
resting unsteady,
trying to remain strong.
His laughter is dulled,
coming not from within.

I see myself in him.
Two soul's mirrored tears.
My fingertips need to trace skin,
travel the maps once more.
Find that yellow room,
lock up tight the doors.

Easiness once easily accepted
is not easy at all today.
Friendship's vows
eroded by falseness grown in the dark.

His lips lost the voice
where those eyes
saw the value of me.
Silenced were touches,
words never spoken,
dreams left to die.

We're moving onward
to find again
a yellow room
where love comes
from out of the blue. . .
Have A Beautiful Sunday!

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