17 October 2008

Good News, Bad News and A Thing About Livestock

This van is the Bad News. Might as well get the bad news over and done with. Wish me luck on turning this into good news in the next week or so. This van is DEAD! I can't believe how clean it is in that picture above! That van is never clean! Must of rained right before that picture was taken... Anyway the stupid thing is dead as a doorknob at the moment. No clue what is wrong with it. It died on me on my way home from Plainville Monday night. RJ says he'll be over tomorrow to fix it. No, he didn't say, 'fix it', he said, "WORK ON IT." Whatever that means...At the moment I am wheelless. (I think that's a word?) I don't like being without wheels! I've really not needed the wheels since Monday. Well, no that's' not true either! I did need them on Tuesday, but I rounded up a ride for the dr. appt in Hays. Thanks Ma!
That's the good news! The dr. appt. Doc says my hemocrit numbers are at 45.7 and he says that's good enough to not need a phlebotomy this month! I kind of wanted a phlebotomy though as I always feel better after one. But it ain't to be this month and it is a good thing. It means the blood making mechanisms in me are doing what they should be doing instead of making bad blood! I have a disease called polycythemia vera. My calcium levels are still high though and that really isn't a good thing. But the hemocrit numbers, now, that is indeed good news. It doesn't cure the polycythemia but it makes it so my risks of heart attack or stroke are decreased. Not that I actively worry about that anyway. I've not much control over those things.

I snagged this cute calf off the www awhile back. I've always wondered why ranchers want their cows to birth in the middle of winter. Babies in the fields in January...it's cold as the dickens in January around here! If someone can enlighten me on why this is so I would greatly appreciate it. Little cows are just so darn cute!
I snagged the little piglets off the www too. I used to work for a traveling petting zoo back in 1997. This picture reminded me of the mornings at the farm before we packed up to travel to state fairs across the Midwestern United States. Every morning we had to run the little pigs in a mock race. It was training for them. Little pigs are a lot of fun! Slippery little devils though! And they didn't always cooperate when they should have! Good memories about the time spent working for Hedricks. I wish that time hadn't been cut short by tragedy. Can't change that though.
Sunrise right outside my front door. Sure wish that camera of mine would talk to that pc of mine! The moon was gorgeous earlier this evening! Would have made for a delightful picture!

I really don't have anything of importance to talk about today. My word processor is down so no new poetry for you all. I guess I could share an old one but then I'd have to go find it and I'm kind of lazy tonight.

So.....have yourselves a wonderful Friday and a better weekend than you had last time and come read again when you're in the neighborhood!

Peace 831


John said...

Wow! There's a lot of creativity flowing in this blog! Nice poems, pictures, and I enjoy reading your posts, especially the "randomness" :)

I used to keep my blog's background black as well, so your blog brought back memories of that time, about 2-3 years ago.

Just curious, what does dmnh stand for? Your full name? And you always sign off your posts with Peace 831. Is that a nom de plume? Like how some authors use pseudonyms on their works?

Hope your van gets fixed, not worked on only, and have a nice weekend!

Donna said...

Hello John,
Thanks for the nice comments on my ramblings! I do do randomness quite often. That's just how the old brain operates most days. No rhyme or reason to it! Keeps things lively, I guess.

I like the black background. I may change it some day when I feel a change is needed. But for now, I like it quite fine the way it is!

As to what dmnh stands for, you are correct. It is my initials.

Peace ends each post because Peace is needed in the world. And peace has to start with the individual for it to spread throughout the land. I wish PEACE for the entire world. I'm not sure in my lifetime that we will ever achieve peace but I intend to keep hoping and working for it.

831 means I Love You. That goes for all mankind as well as those closest to me. I had a good friend years ago who ended his letters to me with those three numbers. He had them tattooed across the knuckles on his right hand also. When he and I parted ways...we just drifted apart as friends sometimes do...I held onto that sentiment and use it everyday in correspondence and in this blog. It's just another way to say you are quite dear to me and I'm glad you're here in my life.

I'm afraid the van is dead. I don't know that it can be fixed. My son says it needs a doctor! I'll see what the mechanic has to say before I say it is totally dead!

You have a good weekend as well, John!