18 October 2008

Message In A Bottle #2

I found a nice surprise in my mailbox this morning! I've no clue who the person is that sent the bottle my way but it contained a pretty nice selection of art fodder! There was a LOT in that little clear water bottle! It came from Westbury, NY but there was no name attached to the return address...just an address and the city. I'll put it all to good use in due time. I love the electronic doodads. Not sure yet just what I'll do with them, but they are rather cool! All the paper flowers, letters, beads, ect will be used as well. I still have time to make a few more chunky pages for my Halloween Chunky Book and the Halloween papers will come in right handy for that use, as will the two halloween charms that came in the bottle as well.
To whomever sent it, Thank you!
Now I have to make up two more bottles and send them off to the addresses included in the bottle and wait for number 3!


John said...

What's a Halloween Chunky Book?


Donna said...

The pages I showed in an earlier post were traded with others who made pages as well. I got my returns from that swap and will bind the pages into a book. It is a Halloween Book because that was the theme of the swap.
Do you all have Halloween in Maylasia?

John said...

Halloween is observed here by a very small percentage of Malaysians, especially in drinking pubs and hangout places. No trick or treat, or themes of Halloween at shopping malls.

Can't wait to experience my first Halloween next year in the States :D