12 October 2008

A Great Site to Check Out

I've added The Grassroots Art Center to my list of favorite sites to visit.
If you're an artist who loves art out of the ordinary, this is the site for you! Challenge yourself with some of the themes from years past and see what you can come up.

I haven't been active with the Art Center in Lucas, KS for some years now. An automobile wreck petty much wrecked my association with the Center as an active participant. You will find my name among the pages on the site though. I have two limestone carvings in the Post Rock Courtyard and a shoe entry in the If The Shoe Fits Contest. You can see a picture of my cat stone on the site but there is no mention of the squirrel stone. I don't even have a picture of the squirrel stone.

I did a demonstration of engraving on car windows at the Adams Apple Festival back in 2000. There is nothing about that on the site though...and the only remaining engraving I know of is the one I put on the back passenger's window in my van a couple summers ago. The car I was engraving the windows of was a little Chevy Sprint of 80s age. (I loved that little car! Wish I had it today...it got 42 miles to the gallon!) All told there were six engravings on the windows of that little gold 'rollerskate' (as my friend Robyn always called it!). The back window was a lake scene all the way across the lower half of the window. There was an eagle in one of corner of that window that was added after the lake scene was finished. A long stemmed rose graced the front edge of the driver's side window. A stylized flower was on the back driver's side window. A funky little lizard was peeking out from the lower edge of the passenger's side front window. And a crescent moon with a funny little man sitting atop it was on the back passenger's side window. The Sprint bit the bit one and went to the junkyard out north along with all its windows. They crushed most of the cars in the junkyard back in 2004 and the little Sprint, along with the windows went the way of the recycler. Easy come, easy go. What the devil would I have done with all those decorated windows anyway?

I thought you all would enjoy checking out the cool artwork and the weird artwork that you will find on the site. Visionaries abound. You've heard of Outsider Art. Well, this site is rife with it and I promise you will be amazed and delighted at the eye candy there!

If you visit the site from here, please let me know what your impressions were and what you liked best on the site. I have met a lot of the artists whose work is featured there. All are one of a kind people with visions in their heads like no one else's visions.


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