12 October 2008

It's a Chunky Kind of Weekend!

Ok, I think I have this picture business figured out! I think! You all know how much trouble placing these pictures gives me. Maybe for once, I have my crap together and this will work out alright. Course if I add anymore pictures before I'm done here...well, we'll have a fiasco on our hands! So we shall go with the pictures I've decided to share this morning.

I've been busy making Chunky Pages for the First Ever Chunky Page-A-Thon over at atcsforall.com.

These things really don't have names as I don't generally name my chunky pages. The titles you see under them are more descriptions than titles. I'll just let you oogle the eye candy and we'll go from there...

I've always said I am not particuarly fond of the color pink but it appears in my artwork so much that I'm beginning to think that I haven't a clue about the color pink and subconsciously I really am fond of it. I don't however wear a lot of pink. Red seems to be the color of choice in clothing. I feel sexy in red!

This purple page with the butterfly was made from vintage wallpaper. I cut the butterflies (you can't see them, but there are two more butterflies on the back of this page) from the wallpaper and made the bodies out of wired yarn-like fibers.
Susan and I were going through that box of old wallpaper out in the garage cause she wanted to paper her breezeway. She wasn't fond of the butterflies and there wasn't enough of it to help her out anyway so it worked out great for art projects. That mesh you see behind the wallpaper butterfly is drywall screen, used for masking the cracks between sheets when they are applied to the wall. It is a good art supply as well. I have no idea where that roll I have came from. It is rather beat up but basically still usable. I like this page a lot and if it doesn't trade before the end of next week, I'm keeping it for my own purple chunky book.

There were favorable comments about this yellow page. It always amazes me what others like where my art is concerned. I really don't like this page much. The butterfly is not symmetrical and the colors are all faded out in my opinion. Not because of the scan, the scan does make them look rather pale, but in hand this page isn't all that impressive to me. I've a feeling it will take a flight to somewhere before the week is out.

This is an ATC.. I had hoped it would end up at the end of the pictures...but as usual pictures give me trouble! Sculpting is my favorite art activity (painting is second) and this one proved to be a lot of fun to create. Firstly I stole that copper wire out of the junk heap out on the patio. RJ and RW were out there one day tearing things up and I found this hunk of copper in their copper bucket. I used a small bit of the wire for this card. The scan doesn't do justice to the little stones woven into the design. They sparkle to beat the band in reality. I call this one Beginnings. Why? I really don't know...maybe because I really want to get back to sculpting and it isn't only wire I'd like to be sculpting. I'd love to drag out the sandblasting unit and get busy on some stones. But that isn't going to happen anytime soon so small wire/metal sculptures will have to suffice. The wire is woven to the posterboard that's been painted gold with acrylic paint. There are three layers of posterboard to this ATC. It is a sturdy one! A favorite of mine as well.

Brenton went to the Dane Hansen Museum in Logan a few months back and came home with a goody bag from that field trip. I got the shredded money from him that you see used on this page and the next one, as leaves for a tree. I've made a few money trees on ATCs but these two are the firsts for Chunky Pages. We shall see if they get snatched up like hot cakes at a Church Social. The ATCs took weeks to trade. I thought they'd be gone quickly... everyone wants a money tree! I guess money trees aren't in demand as much as I thought they were!

I like this money tree best but I like the back of the other money tree page better than I like the back of this one. Yes, I know you all can't see the backs, but take my word on this one, just this once.

DO. Those were the only two letters I had on brads that were black. I really like this page as well.. Actually I'm quite pleased with all the pages I've created since Friday evening. I will be keeping this one for my black book if it doesn't get traded before the end of next week. I particuarly like the danglies on this page. The round tag has a zentangle I drew on both sides of it. I just love that little tiny pair of scissors you see on top of the tag. The little scissors came from the Goodwill Store in a package of miniature sewing notions I got for 29 cents. The rest of the goodies on this page came from various other places. The sequined heart was in a bag of sequined patches I got at the Goodwill as well. Most of the other stuff except the magazine cutout came from RAKs from folks I've traded with. The ribbons and string dangling off the side were either picked up at the thrift store for next to nothing or given to me in one fashion or another. Black is a calming color for me. There's dignity in the color black as well. Something regal about it...

This one is called "I Promise". The little red tag says: "Do you promise?" she asked. "Yes, my sweet." he whispered, "I will always be here at your side." That's Henry and Francine on the front. They are cut out of construction paper and a picture from a calendar. There's other papers underneath the drywall screen and pink glue holding the drywall screen to the page. This one was traded for a beautiful green page with a butterfly on it. An excellent trade I think.

Then I got the paints out and took up the challenge of a fall themed page. The danged scanner took on a mind of its own and refused to scan this page like it scanned all the others. No clue why electronics have to give me such a hard time! I'm very pleased with the results and the scan does not do it justice at all! That orange blob in the fibers is a charm I made from a camera flashbulb. Do you all remember those? It is covered with orange tissue paper and then painted with orange acrylics. There's a jack-o-latern face painted on the side of it. I found 11 of these flashbulbs out in the garage months ago and brought them in the house. I drug out the soldering iron and soldered wire bales to the tops of all of them.

Yes, yes, I have been a busy girl!

It is raining as I sit here in the deskroom. I have no music going, only the sound of the rain on this tin roof. It is getting colder by the day and I'm in no way looking forward to winter. My old body does not like the cold at all! I will deal with the cold when it finally gets here though. Only because I have no other choice! Sure wish I could run away to a warmer climate for the winter months. I can only dream of doing that though. I'll be dressing in layers before too many weeks pass. I must find the controls for the electric blanket. Or rather find the blanket for the controler. I know where the controls are...in the bathroom dresser. Which blanket which control goes to though is a complete mystery till I find the blankets stashed in the closet with all the other blankets! I've already dragged out the corduroy patch quilt. It has been on the bed for a couple of weeks already.

I'm headed to bed cause I've been up all night...again! So you all have a fantastic Sunday and I'll come yak at you all again another day. Maybe later today. One never knows when I'll show up with something to share and something to say.

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