09 October 2008

A Phoenix Rises From The Crumbled Mess He Found

The ATC with the yellow spots is the original as it appeared when it left my house in Kansas. The picture below it is how it looks today.

I traded 'melted crayon explosion' to Don in Queensland, Australia back at the end of May of this year. He informed me then that the melted wax had cracked and fallen off the card, essentially ruining it, by the time he got it in hands. It had travelled across the world, literally, and it wasn't a great surprise it ended up a mess with the postoffices it went through on its journey to the southern hemisphere. I traded 'melted crayon explosion' and another ATC, 'brain alive' (I'll show that one to you as well in a moment.) for his card, "flex this, baby". He took a dead bird and revived it into a phoenix~! He sent me a private message this afternoon asking if he could download a pic to his gallery of what he'd done to it. I gladly gave him permission! I wanted to see what he had done to save the mess I know he found in that envelope when he first opened it. I like what he did to it! The original is a little more yellow, but his revival has much more movement and life to it than the original did. It's a happy day to hear this news of a card I thought was a goner for all these months! I am so glad he saved it and likes the results as well as I do! Thanks so much, Don!!
And of course, as usual, I screw up the placement of pictures! You know once you've written this text you can't copy and paste it where you want it on this blog. The pencil drawing is Don's. The other one up there is 'brain alive'. Anyway, I'm just tickled pink that 'crayon explosion' is still around!
I remember the day I made that ATC. I stunk up the house like crazy with those melted crayons! Don't melt crayons in the house! A lesson learned! Take that stuff outside to do the melting! The fumes will make you go goofy! And they'll give you one hell of a headache as well!
"Flex This, Baby" is a wonderful addition to my man ATC collection! Well worth two ATCs in trade! And Don likes 'brain alive' as well as he liked 'crayon explosion' and still likes it!
I've been away from blogging for a few days, and then some. I've no reason other than I'm a lazy thing sometimes. Least that's what some would say behind my back so I'll just agree with them cause it is kinda true. I'm just in a funk where art is concerned. Hell, where life is concerned for that matter! That's a whole other can of worms though and art is what this blog is about more than not!
I babysat for Brenton on Tuesday. RJ and Terah gave me a pomegranete for doing so. It was a fair trade. I love pomegranetes. Brenton colored at the kitchen table with me for awhile. He wanted to glue but I forgot to bring along the bottle of glue and had only the glue that has to be spread with a paint brush with me. I was doing collage pages for Linda's Christmas present. I'm making her a book of cats. I showed the unfinished pages to Susan today and she said Linda would love it! I hope so! I did twenty surfaces to make a 10 page book for her. I still need to finish them though. Another four or five hours of work and the book will be done. Then there's only nine more books to go! Most of them will be blank books though so the recipient can do whatever they want with their books!
I have no idea what the hell I'm going to get my friend, Bob, for his birthday in five days. No clue! He wasn't very appreciative (least not that I could see) of his birthday present last year. I drew him my rendition of a bass guitar in pencil on paper. I haven't laid eyes on it since then. I'll probably just go buy him a can of chashews and call it good. I know he likes them! You know, come to think of it, he wasn't very appreciative of the last thing I drew for him which was a logo for a band that never got off the ground. And now I've agreed to do another logo for the newest name of the band that, as far as I know still hasn't got a drummer... I'm a glutton for punishment, I guess. It's either that or...it's true that you will do just about anything for a friend.
I have six cards that need to be scanned. Better make that seven. Five of those cards were done at the Branding Iron II one morning last week when I went to breakfast with Susan. She did two of the cards all by herself. I did two of them all by myself and the other one we passed between us adding lines to as we saw fit and passing it back to the other. I won't trade the one we did together, but the other four are up for grabs. One of them is a zentangle that will be entered into a contest over at atscforall.com. I did a sharpie painting the night before I went to breakfast with Susan. It's a far off view of an old fort in a land of hills and crops. I like it! The other was done a few days before the breakfast. It is a copper wire sclupture with beads attached to an ATC blank painted with gold paint. I'll show you all of these eventually. They aren't scanned or I'd add them to the pics at the top of this post right now.
I am still behind on my committments where ATCs are concerned. I have three cat portraits, a butterfly on a daffodil, a dragonfly on a sunflower and an altered playing card on my plate that have all been there better than two weeks now.
I'm also gearing up for a chunky page-a-thon this weekend. I've been cutting out images from magazines today and getting things organized for that. I'm looking forward to it. Would be looking forward to it with more enthusiasm if the lighttable were cleared of all the stuff that's burying it at the moment! I'd also be more inclinded to get those cat portraits done if that lighttable were cleared off too!
We have had visitors of the four legged variety this past week. Early Tuesday morning... Susan had come out of her bedroom to come to my house and found a skunk nosing around the pumphouse. He didn't see her. She turned around and went back in the house and called me on the phone to say she had started to my house but had to go to plan B. As I was talking to her on the phone, I was standing at my back door watching that little skunk snuffling around the yard on my side of the pumphouse. I know that skunk could hear me talking to her cause the backdoor window was wide open and I wasn't being quiet about it. He pretended he didn't even see me, didn't have a care in the world that I was there. Fred was standing at the door as well but I refused to open the door and let him out with that skunk. That dog would have thought it was another kitty and run right up to it. He's already been there, done that and I, quite frankly didn't want to deal with a skunked dog again. The skunk took his sweet old time about mosying to the back yard at Susan's and on his way to God knows where! I was glad he was headed west and not east to my house! She came on over and we had hot tea, a smoke and some good conversation.
Last night as I was laying in bed, reading, round about 2 a.m., I heard a coyote really close to the house. He bayed a couple of times and I got up to see just where that varmint was. Fred was asleep on the floor in my bedroom till I got up. Then he went crazy, barking, running for the front door...that coyote howling he whole while. I flipped on the front porch light and there he was! Right in the front yard! A young'un. Fred hightailed it out the front door and was barking his fool head off. The coyote took off to behind the burned house and Fred followed. I went back to bed. Ain't no talking any sense into that dog when he gets a notion in his head. The coyotes across the highway started to singing in tune with the one Fred was after. There was no fight. Fred just wanted to visit for awhile. The racket those canines, Fred included, made was quite a symphony. This isn't the first time that Fred has consorted with coyotes and I doubt it will be the last. The different and really cool part of it was that the young coyote was in the front yard in sight of the front door. It was good to see one alive instead of dead like the young coyote I pulled off the highway last week in the dark after Susan came home and called me about it. It was squished on the highway just past Ma's house and she thought it could have been her cat Calvin. It wasn't Calvin though...just an unfortunate young coyote.
No poem today. I'm too lazy to go find you one. I am in the process of gathering some poems I'd like to share with you all and will start sharing with each post before long.
You all enjoy the art I've shown you today. Enjoy the critter stories and have yourselves a stellar tomorrow!

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