06 July 2009

Best Weekend of the Year!

This one will be hard to beat!

I am recovering from the wonderful weekend.
Boating on Saturday afternoon was so very much fun! The girls and boys tubed behind the boat out there on the lake beneath a clear blue sky dotted with little white clouds. The breeze blowing, spray from the lake misting us, laughter ringing... it was a fabulous three hours! I really wanted to get in one of those tubes and ride the waves like everyone else did but I knew I couldn't hold onto the handles of said tubes to stay on the tube! So I enjoyed the others' doing it! I was just getting to the lake when the boat was fixing to make its departure. Got there in the nick of time to secure a seat. So glad I did! Got to see Rick and Janie too. It was their boat!
I got a nice suntan while out at lake for three days running. My shoulders are a little red, but nothing bad. I really needed some sun on my ghost white legs... now they aren't quite so white! :)
Calico Beans are the best beans out there! YUMMY! I will have to get Helena's recipe for them. I had way too many beans this weekend! LOL They were so good though!
Susan let me take the kids for a ride in her convertible with the top down. I had never driven the convertible till then. This happened on Friday. We had the radio blasting and the a/c kicked up on high. That's how it was when I got in the driver's seat. Only thing I adjusted was the rearview mirror. Koby in the front seat, Allison and Casey in the back. We all buckled up tight and off we went around the lake. I enjoyed the drive as much as the kids did! There were vultures floating on the thermals above the dam when we drove over. Koby is seven, lives in the big city... he'd never seen a vulture that close before. He thought that was pretty darn cool! The vultures soar on the thermals about 20 feet above the dam and you can really get a good look at them. They're beautiful up there on their four or five foot wingspans. Turkey Vultures are very large birds! It was an absolutely beautiful day for a drive in the convertible with the top down! Thanks for letting me drive it, Susan!
We made s'mores one night. I don't do sweets very often. I only had two charred marshmallows and forewent the chocolate bar and graham cracker. When I say I had two charred marshmallows, I mean exactly that. They were blackened beyond recognition. That's the only way to eat a roasted marshmallow. It may be another year before I have another charred marshmallow.
It was fun sitting out there by the fire with everyone gathered round. I didn't drink on Friday night. I'd had enough on Thursday. I came home around 1:30 on Saturday morning and was back out to the lake around 4:30, just in time to make the boat.
I had lunch at home with the family. Well at Susan's house ... home.. one in the same really.... Elaine and Monty were here, Linda, Sam, Evelyn, Ma, Aunt Sherry, RJ, Terah, RW, Me, Justin and Courtney... think I got everyone in there.... We had sandwiches, baked beans, cake, chips... Everyone went their own ways shortly after lunch. Was good to see everyone together though.
I got a bit tipsy on Saturday night while sitting around the campfire with Bob, Helena, Susan and Jerry...Lots of laughter, ghost stories, boys being boys, rum consumed...yeah, we had a great time. All the kids had gone to bed by 11:30 or so. I got home right at 2:00a.m. I found my bed and got in it and didn't get out of it till around noon on Sunday.
Yesterday was a day of recovery for sure. I did absolutely nothing yesterday but read in The Quincunx. (You all noticed the two new books added, yes?) I finished The Quincunx and picked up Prairie Song with not much more than five minutes between. Prairie Song was an excellent book! I finished it this morning. I was very disappointed with The Quincunx. It held my attention throughout its almost 800 pages but I hated how it ended. The story wasn't finished at all. I haven't chosen the next book yet. I have one I started about two weeks ago sitting on the headboard I need to get back into. Can't even remember what it is called right now.
I still haven't scanned that artwork I told you all was done. I expect I'll get to it in the next few days. Susan wants me go to Hays with her tomorrow but I've not decided if I will or not. I was supposed to go to Abilene with her this morning... real early this morning. But she said I never answered the phone when she called around 10 after 5 this morning. She's right. I didn't answer it... I never heard it ring. I was asleep. So snooze, you lose! No roadtrip for me this morning. I probably will go to Hays with her.
I could sit here till the cows come home and yap at you people but I have things that need be done that I cannot do sitting in this chair so I guess I'm done with the commentary for the day.
Hope everything is well your world! Get your hugs! They make your world even better!

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John said...

Hi Donna :) I'm real glad you had a fabulous weekend! I'm sure there's more to come! Take care and have a blessed weekend!