03 July 2009

Lake Time~!

Hello Readers!

I know for sure I have at least one occasional reader! Thanks for hanging on John!
I don't have any art to show you all today. I've done some art in the last 24 hours but it hasn't been scanned so you don't get to see it till it does get scanned. I made two chunky pages and three corner bookmarks on Thursday. Bookmarks are a new endeavor for me. I am pleased with how they turned out!

I really should be climbing in my bed about now as I have to be awake before noon. It is already 3:30 A.M. I have potatoe salad to make when I get up in the morning... even though it is already morning... I need to be up before noon and headed out to the lake not much after noon... I do believe that lunch will be served somewhere around noon and I am bringing a few things that are needed at the lake.

I just wanted to say hey to you all who are reading!
I took Fred out to the lake with me earlier... around 8p.m. on Thursday. I had to bring that fool dog home though as he refused to listen to me and wanted only to do what he wanted to do and we couldn't have that fool dog running loose at the campground out at the lake. He was none too happy about that arrangement, but he quickly got over it!
I was there from a little after nine to one a.m. Had a bit too much to drink and really shouldn't have been behind the wheel of my van to come home, but it all worked out alright as here I am at my house typing this blog. I don't drink often and even less often drive while doing so~! There was little traffic on my 15 mile drive home. I won't be drinking tomorrow. Once a week is more than enough for me! And I have already drank three days this week. Granted Thursday was a bigger drinking day than either of the previous but I didn't go driving on the previous two days.
Right now.... I'm fixing to head to bed cause the old eye balls are failing me... I'm really surprised there are not more typos here... course once I read this again tomorrow... I may find a boat load of typos! LOL whatever!
I hear my bed calling me!

You all have a fantastic Friday wherever you may be on this big planet!
Get your hugs!

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John said...

Well, thanks to you too, Donna, because you are also one of those occasional readers that I know are at least reading and commenting on my blog :)