09 July 2009

It's a HOT HOT HOT Thursday in The Land of Kansas!

Not sure what the thermometer in the livingroom is reading for the outside temp but the bank clock in town said it was 102 at 5:30 this evening. It feels every bit that warm and then some!
I've been holed up in the deskroom or the bedroom most of the day. Those are the only two air conditioned rooms in the house. RJ keeps saying I need to get that central air hooked up but I keep telling him, "No!" I can't afford the central air and I don't want to be butler to the dog every time he wants in or out. With central air, I wouldn't be able to leave the front door open and let that dog come and go as he pleases.
Speaking of that dog... he's asleep right beside my chair here now. I took him to the state fishing lake earlier this afternoon. A four mile drive outside of town. It was hotter than the hubs of hell out there too and we did not stay for very long. The dog barely got wet. He did go swimming in the lake though for a very short time. He wanted to go exploring instead of swimming and I didn't take his hide out there to go exploring! I took him there for a swim. He got about five minutes of swimming in and I was ready to head back home. It is a couple of hours later now as I type out this entry and that dog is still wet from his swim. Damp anyway.
The cats are fine. Doob is in the bedroom asleep on the bed under the cool air from the a/c in there. Last I saw Bill he was asleep on the lamp table in the livingroom. I think he's probably gone back outside to find a cool shady spot to snooze by now.
I was invitied to supper next door but I do believe I missed supper when I went to town to give Helena her birthday present. Her birthday was yesterday but she knew her gift was going to be a day late. I gave her three books, two packs of gum and a brand new bookmark I made for her. The three books all came out of my book shelves in the bedroom. I'd read all three of those books too. She was quite happy with her present. She gave me hell about the wrapping though! lol... Hey, I was going for quick and easy on the wrapping... it's what is inside that counts! And what did I wrap it in? A big white tyvek envelope. Easy-peasy wrappin!
That's what Brenton's birthday present was wrapped in yesterday as well. Worked great! I'll probably do the same thing for RW's birthday present on Saturday. Not sure just what I am giving RW for his 25th birthday. (Man! 25 years old! That makes me feel really old!.... My baby is turning 25!)
Grandson Brenton turned 7 on the 2nd of July. He was at his dad's house then so we didn't get to see him on his birthday. His party was yesterday. I gave him a box of 72 colored pencils and a stack of coloring pages in a blue folder. He was quite pleased with his gift. That boy LOVES colored pencils!
I still haven't scanned any art, so no art to show you all today. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow. Maybe not.
There's a Zentangle-a-thon this weekend but I'm undecided as to whether I'll participate or not. I really don't have funds for mailing this month. I have six envelopes sitting beside this desk that need to be mailed and I don't think I can afford any more than that this month unless I get a loan from someone.. but to get a loan only puts me that much farther behind next month so I probably won't participate in the ZAT. We'll see though. I may get a windfall before the weekend.... wouldn't that be nice? I won't hold my breath for it though~!
I'm kinda hungry. Think I'll head next door, see if they still have any chicken and the fixin's left. Or maybe I'll just go heat up some bbq pork I cooked yesterday and have me a quick sandwich. I just don't know.
I'm tired, sleepy. I took a tramadol earlier today cause I am hurting like a big dog today. Well, I'm not now that I took some tramadol, but was hurting pretty bad! It makes me sleepy though.
I started sanding on my wooden cane yesterday. I am going to paint a dragon on it when I get it prepped for doing so. My hands gave out before I got all the brown stain off the thing yesterday. I had forgotten that cane went through the house fire five years ago and when I started sanding on it... boy! did that burnt smell come out!
I use that cane on occasion when the old body refuses to walk like it should. Don't use it often but it does come in handy when it's needed. I have two wooden canes actually. The one I am altering was my husband's cane and is a little too tall for me but it's a whole lot stouter than the other cane. The other cane is prettier is all. Has a nice cherry wood stain on it. RW and Lou found it on the side of the road out by the state lake a few months ago. Strange place to find a nice cane like that... no one has claimed it even though we put out the word it had been found.
Not much happening in Donna's world today other than what I've talked about already so I'm going to close this one out and I shall come yak at you all another day!
Be good to one another! It matters! Give some hugs, get some in turn! Smile! It makes folks wonder what is wrong with themselves! And if you smile...you'll make other smile as well!

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