13 July 2009

Monday's Fruit From the Weekend

Hey Readers!
I have artwork and a cool link to send you all to today. I truly wish I knew how to embed videos into a post cause the video you'll find here is just too cool!


Lady Bugs have turned a mountain top red from their sheer numbers! Watch it! You won't believe your eyes! Lady Bugs are considered good luck. These folks are going to have the motherload of luck if that superstition has any bearing! I do understand their reluctance to disclose the lady bug's location too. I'd much rather have a million lady bugs visiting than a million people!

Hope the world is being good to you all. I can't complain too loudly so I'll not complain at all. What's the use of complaining if you can't shout it out loud? Everything is fine in my world, more or less.
I didn't get up till just after 4 this afternoon. It's almost 9:30 p.m. as I sit here typing out this post. I took a badly needed shower and washed my hair shortly after I woke up for the day then I headed to Susan's house with the inchie blanks and that huge box of markers. Jerry was there and requested some inchie blanks a few weeks ago. He also wanted to know which markers he should buy to make his own inchies. So the three of us colored with the markers on inchies. I also did an ATC while over there. The artwork that follows will fill you in on the activities had across the back lawn.
I don't have any new books to add. I am in the process of reading a couple right now. One is the 1961 Yearbook Annual (or something to that affect. I really don't remember the exact title of it at the moment.) And the other one is called We Are Still Married by Garrison Keillor. It's a book of essays and short stories. Seems to me I still haven't finished that relationship book either...I'd have to check the list to know for certain. But it's still laying on the headboard so I'm thinking it still needs to be finished. I haven't been doing a great deal of reading in the past couple of days.

Artwork from today. I didn't even look to see if there were other inchies in the inchie blank box that were complete and waiting to be scanned. If there are any, they will just have to wait till next time.

These 17 inchies were all done today over at Susan's house. Not all of them are mine, but they still get counted cause I was there and helped with the majority of them. And if truth be told (and it really should be) two of these inchies are represented twice cause Jerry and/or Susan added to them after I took them back to Susan's house so Jerry could take them home and stick them to his fridge.
He has the coolest idea to do with inchies! He says he is going to the cover the front of his fridge with inchies from top to bottom. That's gonna take a boatload of inchies, Dude!
Row 1 Donna, Donna, Susan
Row 2 collab of DSJ, Donna, Donna
Row3 collab of DSJ, Donna, Donna
Row 4 Donna, Donna, collab of J & S, collab of D &S
Row 5 collab of DSJ, Donna, Donna, Donna
Row 4, first two are the ones represented twice...again at Row2 and Row3. They are all done in marker, sharpie or bic...except for the bird and the one on Row2 that was added to when I got back from my first scanning session. Those are done in metallic color markers. I am not fond of the metallic color markers but the bird turned out alright.

Storm ATC done in markers on RW's birthday, 11 July 09.

Prayer On A Door In Mexico ATC. Done in markers on linen texture cardstock. I redid this one from a previous ATC that looks almost like this one that I showed you all awhile back. I traded the original and decided to make another one (this one) for the marker swap that is due on the first of August. I still have one more card to make for that swap if I don't use the green ATC below for that swap. I haven't made up my mind about that just yet.

Green Day ATC 13 July 09 markers on linen textured cardstock. This is the ATC I did while at Susan's this afternoon.

This one doesn't look 'done' to me. I'm thinking it needs color to it! We shall see what happens with this one. I may add color to it before I put it up for trade. It is called EYES and is done in black sharpie on linen textured cardstock. 12 July 09

This one doesn't have a name. It's markers on brown paper. 6 inches by 6 inches. Susan started the design. Just squiggly lines all over the place and we all (DSJ) took turns at filling it in. I think this one will end up being a 4x4 for Evelyn's book. Which I am slowly getting finished. We won't talk about that elephant she wants to go along with the 'book with fringe' for her birthday cause I haven't even started on the elephant!

Squirel Goes To The Beach--6"x6" markers on brown craft paper. We all took turns on this one. Everyone contributed to the final picture. Jerry and Susan added to this one after I had already scanned it too but I deleted that first scan and took another one. This is the finished the artwork. I kinda like it! Susan will get the original and hold on to it for awhile till she passes it on Jerry. I only got the original long enough to make a scan of it!

Owl 4x4 drawn October 08 on recycled chipboard. This one is going in Evelyn's book for her birthday. The back is not yet completed.

Sandshark 4x4-----beer coaster, sandpaper, jumprings filled with dimensional glue, eyelash yarn, chipboard fish dusted with sand, googly eye. This one will end up in Evelyn's book as well.

Flowers Four 4x4 ---recycled chipboard, watercolor paper painted blue, fabric flower petals, four large brads covered in glitter, shredded tissue paper, lavendar colored cork chips, mica flakes. This one is going to end up in Evelyn's book as well.

Emma Irredescent Fish 4x4--- the scan is a bit wonky. I cut off a bit of the edge when it scanned. Recycled chipboard, eyelash yarn, hemp cord, jumprings filled with dimensional glue, irredescent glitter, lavendar colored netting, tissue paper, chipboard fish dusted with glitter, googly eye. Another for Evelyn's book.

Caterpillar 4x4---this is the backside of Flowers Four. Watercolor paper painted blue, plastic greenery, plastic/rubber centipede, fabric flower petals, a brad (in center flower, you can't see), two fabric leaves and ton of glue to hold all that plastic on! This one will go in Evelyn's book too.
Here is something totally new! I had a lot of fun making these bookmarks. There is another one out there with my mark on it but I neglected to scan it before handing it over to Helena for her birthday. It is similar to the red one.

One side....all are made from the corners of UPS chipboard envelopes, collaged with various elements. Some have a tassle at the top, some don't and won't. The components include, security envelope insides, red nylon head scarf material, gold foil paper, sequined ribbon, collaged inchie (on the red one), asian text, asian themed emphemra, skeleton leaves, a MOO card, silk tassle and eyelets to pretty up the holes.

This is side 2 of the bookmarks. They work quite well! Just stick them on the corner of your page with a few pages previous and you're marked for your next reading session. I was quite pleased with how these came about! I do need to work on getting them to be true triangles though. A couple of them look cattywhompus to me.
At any rate... there's your artfix for the time being! I just remembered that I do have about 40 inchies that have not been scanned. I'll scan them, but they don't get counted....they all pretty much look alike! I'll show them to you all next time.
I'm off to check up on the sites I visit most everyday and then some food will be in order. Not sure what I'll fix, but something cause my belly says, "feed me".
You all have a fantastic Tuesday! Get your hugs! To get hugs, you have to give hugs! (I need to remember that!!!) :)

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