28 July 2009

A Rainy Tuesday

It is indeed raining today. A nice gentle rain coming from the gray heavens this afternoon.
I have changed my days and nights around again. Have slept all NIGHT for the last two nights. I know what the sunshine feels like during the day~! Well, I would if it were shining today like it did yesterday!
The storm during the night woke me about 3 this morning. I checked radar on this wretched machine to see how big of deal the weather gurus thought the storm was. It was blowing and going out there! In my birthday suit, I got drenched closing the back door. The laundry room was flooded! The wind blowing, lightning cracking the sky, thunder to shake your bones! It was a right gale blowin' out there!
The weather gurus weren't saying anything about the storm so I went back to bed after I called Susan. Good thing she was awake too! I seen her sign off on my PC so I thought she was awake. She said she hadn't been near her PC for hours! It didn't matter, she was headed back to bed as well.
Not sure just how much rain fell. The kids, RJ and T showed up before I got a chance to walk across the highway to retrieve the mail. They brought it in for me and didn't look at the rain guage while they were there.
The rain falling right now....it's nice!

We're going to be having us a baby girl one day soon! T is dilated to 4 today so it won't be long before that baby decides it's time to greet the world. I think we are all ready for that happen. Especially T!
That ninth month is the hardest month of a pregnancy. Yeah, T's ready to get that baby into the world!

RJ and brother Sam BSed in the burned house while T and I went to Susan's house. We were there for a couple of hours. RJ and Sam had rearranged Sam's junk in his storage room in the burned house. I think Sam now knows more about the junk he owns.

All of my brothers and sisters, including me, have that packrat syndrome. I'm sure we all inherited it in our genes from our mother. She too is packrat! I've passed that snydrome down to my eldest son as well.

RJ has as much junk as I do and I'm a lot older than he is! Fortunately, his brother, RW, did not acquire that gene from his father nor from me. Yes, their father was a packrat too.

I'm rather conservative in my junk collecting. I'm not real sure where all that junk has come from....I know WHERE it comes from, just not where, from inside myself it comes from. I hope that made sense...(it doesn't quite to even me!) Their dad though...that man would buy a bag of dog shit if someone packaged it up just right! (OK, it wasn't THAT bad, but he would buy just about anything!) Most of the junk I own is useful in one way or another...perhaps not useful to me, but to SOMEONE. Gary would bring home things that NO ONE wanted. I really shouldn't say it that way... cause I bring home stuff NO ONE wants either.... perhaps I should just end this story before I dig a hole so deep I can't climb out of it?
I've been thinking about the differences in my sons. How can two boys who come from the same seed be so very different in so many ways? RJ inherited his looks from Gary's side and RW from me. Different as night and day. RW volitile and RJ laid back as can be. Yet both with their hearts in right place.
This baby coming, makes me feel my age. Not in terms of years so much, as in terms of experience. How did I get to be 48 years old? Where has all that time passed to? I look at my sons and the families they have procured and I feel as though I have contributed something good to life. Not only my own life, but to all the lives touched by my having been in this life. I don't know what comes next. Perhaps we get to do it all over again? That's what I'm hoping. I just don't know though.

I didn't get the little books scanned. There are now 21 of them. 22 if we count the very first one that had forgotten about till RJ told me one of my little books was in his van. Then I remembered I had given it to T on Friday. It isn't decorated, the covers are randomly cut pcs of the Ruby Tuesday menus I used to make the covers with. I might get them scanned sometime today.

What's keeping me from scanning them? Nothing really. I just haven't got around to doing it.
I have laundry and dishes to do sometime today. I really wish the maid would show up again! She went on strike....well, no she didn't really go on strike. She found another that she thought needed her help more than I do. That's OK though....that's just Ma spreading her love around. She will remember the house plants in the next day or so....maybe today....and she will come along to at least see what the house looks like.
Housework is hard for me do. It's hard work, lifting, bending, standing at the sink in one spot to do the dishes....that vacuum absolutely kills me! I've not the strength in my arms, shoulders, neck to be doing those things. My back hates doing dishes! When I hurt, I sleep. There is no one who puts the hurting and sleeping together but me. My house is atrocious simply cause I've not the strength to do the work to keep it presentable! You walk in and your nose tells you, without doubt that a dog lives here. That dog would be Fred! He's a big dog and he makes big odors. Not to mention all that dog hair everywhere cause the vacuum hasn't been run cause I can't wrestle with that machine!
Doing artwork consists of sitting in one spot and the heaviest thing I pick up is a pair of scissors. Sitting does not bother my back and releives the stress on my shoulders. I need a full-time maid. I'm going to have to talk to someone about that...

RJ is going to teach me how to run the weed eater tomorrow. I'm not certain I can physically do that but I'm going to try cause those little trees need the grass weed whacked from around them. The grass is taller than the trees! He can't do the weed whacking, RW hasn't been asked to do the weed whacking cause I haven't seen him and that leaves only me to do it. So...I will find out tomorrow if I can indeed do the weed whacking.

I added another book to the list bringing it up to 33. I'm still right on schedule with this goal. When I get around to scanning those little books, I'll scan some inchies to add to that list as well.

I'm hungry! So you all are in luck. My rambling for the time being is done with! I got me a few hugs this morning so I'm good to go for the day....you all need to do the same!
I shall come ramble along another time!

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